Contribution to society is not a cup of tea to all but I believe society contributes to our welfare  and progress  to the extent we contribute to it.

 My life story carries the following title .



Socialize to succeed 
A single plant can not make a garden. Nobody can live all alone in an island building a fortress  We are all social beings and our happiness success and peace depend on our relationship in the society . Our parents take all the efforts to mold us good citizens and we learn from our  teachers friends ,relatives and the general public . Society is so conscious and alert   about our growth .When we work for the sake of the society it pays back at  equal proportion. Our relationship   with others depend on  so many aspects like our education, financial status  and our influence in the society . We have to develop our social skills to make progress in our life. A little effort to change ourselves to the tune of the society we can make our life a pleasant journey. What we sow that only we can reap . In relationship also if we give love  and  get back the same .

DOGS FREE IMAGE க்கான பட முடிவு

Once I was playing with my per dog Rocky and we were spending our quality time in the evening. I was stroking ,caressing his  face and neck of and suddenly he wailed and tried  to bite me. Then I understood I touched  a  sensitive nerve in the neck which  gave a pain to him. . The positive trigger  has become a negative one.Similarly in real life we do some mistakes that turn   the positive trigger into a negative one. To avoid them  the following  principles can be given weight age and develop knowledge on them.



VARIETY IS SPICE OF  LIFE. In our life , myriad   instances and happenings occur for which we cannot attribute  any reason or purpose.  We have to take  it for granted that our duty is to meet  all the social transactions In a  reasonable smooth manner. This can be easy to say but a lot of patience and wisdom we have to develop to reach a greater level. In my life I have met   so many persons  I  have to deal  with strangers   for one thing or other. It may be temporary or  paramount or it may be small or big one. In the same way we  have to interact with own friends ,acquaintances  relatives and colleagues. Everybody is unique and we have to recognize the individuality. Giving due respect to individuality we have to maintain a balanced approach to avoid any friction and misunderstanding.

2.    Embellish life with empathy

GIVE LOVE IMAGE க்கான பட முடிவு

Psychologists   call our  actions and reaction as positive  and negative strokes according to the effects they create. When I meet my buddy and smile  it is a positive stroke. When I get am email from my relative  I respond . Another example for the same.. Wherever there is no response for the stimuli it  is received with a negative effect. When positive stroke enriches our life negative ones act venomous so spoil our relationship resulting in a stressful one. Life is one time affair and we can not say in this life we experiment and learn and live a good life in our next life. What is in store in our life we don’t know. How life has played fairly or unfairly in other   life we are not aware of such things



In the sea shore we can  observe the waves how they go t o a peak  and come to trough. It shows  only the ups and downs of our life. Whether we want or not we have to maintain an optimum level of wave length with others so that we have a good relationship and social life is peaceful without  chaos and confusion. We have to make it possible by our behavior with genteel approach and coupled with virtues  like truthfulness , frankness, and avoid vices like lies  gossip , backbiting and  eavesdropping etc.

When we develop a positive image about the other person taking into account   his knowledge , experience  there would be the optimum wave length and when we give into the prejudice ,etc. it gives room for creating a wrong wave length resulting in quarrel , argument , attack and counter attacks . There should be a perfect understanding and a certain degree of compassion and leniency towards other person. We should not yield to our instincts and impulses but we have to maintain a good quality of   mindfulness.

If at all our relationship with others are cordial and friendly we can get the maximum out of them. Strained and stressed one may take the toll to make us weak and reduce our energy resulting In creating negative vibes . These three steps can make a mojo to help us lead a happy   , peaceful and successful lie.  

In the virtual world also we bear in mind to spread the language of love and wisdom by our every post and reaction. 

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Review of TIME PASS



No of pages : 321

Date of publication : January 5th 2019

Book links : Goodreads  Amazon

Author’s links : Goodreads   Amazon

Genre:  YA Fiction self help Internet Addiction Romance Rehab

My take

First of all I thank the author Amit Joshi for having given me a free Kindle copy in exchange of my review.

Is the smart phone a boon or bane?Electronic gadgets would be useful or a threat to our peace of mind according to the way we use them.

The Internet acts like  Aladdin Lamp capable of fetching all the informations with a click  and help us as a good companion through our good and bad times.  It can be compared to the double-edged knife which is to be handled with care and attention, in the absence of which it may land you in trouble.

Are Social media platforms are friends or foes? Face book, Twitter, and other social media help us to connect with each other and also helpful in critical situations. These platforms are also abused by some for bullying and other unethical activities.

It all depends on our moderate usage as excess indulgence only leads to addiction. This wonderful book  TIME PASS touches very sensitive points with respect to our utilizing the Internet. Especially the youth belong to the present generation use it to the maximum extent and they can not imagine  being devoid of INTERNET for a single minute.

The plot.
I likel title TIME PASS and the subtitle Story of Internet Addiction. The cover depicting a youth sitting on the clock the time zone differs by 5 years starting from 1980 to 2035.the significance of time is highlighted by the author as our precious time is consumed by Internet without any positive effects. The story starts with the chapter holding the caption TIME. There are totally 16 chapters each one titled Like June 2013, My Room, My Rules ,Sudoku.

The story is told in first person POV by the protagonist Shikhar Verma, a highly intelligent and hardworking IT professional  32 years old youth living with his parents in Delhi’s Shalimar Bagh area working in the software industry for around ten years. The tale unfolds to tell his day to day activities, his habits, his official struggles  and friendship with his buddies. The story happens during the year 2013.

His parents are pestering him to get married. Meanwhile, he has got a crush on Madhvi his colleague who is fond of reading books. Gagan Rawat is his childhood buddy and as he has gone to a far of place Shikhar can’t contact him. He misses him very much.

Sandy who is good at wooing ladies is a good friend to him. He  spends his quality time with him. Shekhar wants to convey his love to Madhvi. 
 Whether he has succeeded in his love affair or not?
What befalls to his career as he is losing concentration? 
Why he gets admitted in a Rehab center and how his experiences are there to change him?

So many questions arise and the social drama gives all the answers to the readers.

The Pro

There are two parts of the story. One relates to romance and lifestyle of  Shikandar and another one relates to the Rehab center. As the title suggests the story deals with so many facets of the Internet and it is very much contemporary. The language is simple and honest and at no point of time, it is dragging. The pace is even and the twist and turns serve as a page turner. Characters are realistic and they are relatable. Conversations are informal and suit the story. Translation and editing are good  so as to make the reading an engaging one. 

My favorite.
The protagonist says about the INTERNET as follows:
The Internet is my best and only true friend, It keeps me company in my days of emptiness and loneliness. It has everything that can keep me happy.

About Face-book he says

Face-book is an important part of my life. There rarely goes a day without Face book.

On the INTERNET, there is something new every day.

Praise the lord of these gifts like Whatsapp, Google, Face book, You tube, and Candy crisis which were trying to keep the mood light in such difficult times. 

My favorite characters are Rakesh and Gagan Rawat who are very much conscious and thoughtful enough to follow their dreams. I sympathize with Shikar. Pooja’s story would shock you. I wish there have to be more doctors like DR. Net Not.
My verdict 
The book has captured me as an eyeopener to the perils of INTERNET addiction as the blurb suggests.  It is enormously interesting story of human beings – at many levels of struggle and rewards  both in the real as well as virtual worlds. It gives caution to elders about the craziness of their wards towards Internet and they should take necessary action to prevent them falling victims to their follies . 
This book is an inspiring and insightful story nicely woven with suspense, fun, pain, and awareness.  
Overall the book is an excellent read and the messages the author wans to tell us all would definitely have a great impact on you.
I recommend this book to all students, teachers, parents, and youth.  Especially Netizens find the book very engaging and entertaining as well as enlightening  and others also find it interesting to know more about  virtual realm.

It is a good investment and I suggest you don’t wait but grab the copy immediately clicking the above link.

My score: 4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the Kindle copy   from the author in exchange of my honest and unbiased review and i have not received any monetary  compensation for the same .

Design a new better life

When I read the latest prompt  of Blogadda “Someone Really Needs to Design a Better  ….. “my immediate thought has gone to our own life which every one wants to live with peace , joy and success. There are umpteen number of self-help books that help us achieve such a wonderful and fabulous life . 

If we decide to design our own programmes  and steps for improving ourselves it is suggested to  follow the  guidelines which assures us a better life. 


Any artist should have tools to perform his job in an excellent way .For example the drawing master should have brush, pencil , paint, etc. to  create masterpieces Similarly for singers the ragas  are their tools. Coupled with them their melodious voice brings magic of music. For writers, words are their tools. The right word for the right situation with the right context would pave way for classics. For teachers it is their knowledge.  Honing their knowledge regularly would help them to mold the   future leaders.  

To master any art these tools are necessary and the better usage of them means  the brighter our life. To live the life fullest and enjoy happiness, peace and tranquility we need them. They would bolster our efforts to lead a happy and peaceful life. Everyone dreams to be successful and these tools are a must for success and happiness.

Diary shapes  our personality

High Angle View Of A Businessperson With Mobile Phone Writing Schedule In Diary

My father used to hold a tiny sized pocket diary which he would update now and then. After some years I found a pile of diaries in his cupboard. 

It would be one liner as follows.

So and so has visited our house.

On seeing this I started to write the diary as follows:

I got up at 6 am and after taking bath and ate breakfast I went to school. It was my classmate Mani’s birthday. After the school was over I returned and went to tuition. In the night after supper I went to bed.

This I could not continue and I started writing punch   lines. My father’s diaries are kept as a great treasure and we use to refer them whenever we want to know about any occurrence. Of course we should not read others diary. As a son I have got exception.

In schools kindergarten teachers write in the diaries of the kids the home work. When the children come to 1st standard they write. When they grow up they discard the habit as they have got experienced enough to remember their duty.

Diary should hold the following
1.      Important event
2.     Meeting a stranger
3.     Details of any important discussion or taking a decision, untoward incident etc.

This diary would help us to be well organized and   it would help us to face any challenge or obstacle. If we make it a point to maintain a diary this would make us conscious about where we stand and where we want to go.

Duedate records lead us to control over our time 

Accountant verify and check Due date for payment Expense and Vendor of financial Business / Bookkeeping / Due date  / Money / Accountancy Concept.

We have to make payments to credit card, EB bill and other important outstanding. We have to make   a due date record so that we would not forget the date and regret afterwards.
The record should columns as given below.

Sl no
Mode of payment

EB Bill
Through net banking
15th  of this month
First of all when we make the above record pukka we need not worry about any late payment and subsequent penalty we have to pay. This would also reflect that we are well organized and our credit worthiness is on the higher side .It would take care of our Cybil score also.
Also we can maintain due date of important functions so that we can plan and prepare for the same . At the eleventh hour we should not be in a hurry and anxious. We put in   advance to work out our schedule .and put up a road map to execute them to avoid embarrassment and unnecessary ordeals.
Even we would be having some goals short-term and long term.

These goals are to be chartered our by us taking in to account the following norms.
  • Specific’
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Time bound
These goals are to be   achieved within a particular period to enjoy the fruits. These goals are to segregated in to small tasks   and we have to allot time according to  the severity as well as the possibility of completing the job.

To do list makes us busy and well  organised 

To Do List

We have to prepare and plan   our  to do   list taking into account the following criteria.
1.      Routine affair. We have to do some jobs as a routine one and we can say that we have forgotten due to day to day hustle and bustle  
2.     . Our goals are to be split into two categories namely short term and long term goals.

 We   foster   our duty and responsibility if we make note of   tasks in the chronological order. Routine and mundane matters need not be noted. Only crucial and important tasks are to be   noted. Split    the task in to smaller ones so that we need not be tense about the cumbersome nature of such goals.

Recording our financial transactions  shows us better money management 

Personal monthly budget

Give respect to money to get respect from the same. We have to take care of our financial quotient. Three important points to be remembered in this aspect is as follows.
1.      Avoid spending unnecessarily, uneconomically, and recklessly but a prudent and economical   nature should be followed.
2.     Always have an emergency fund which would be equal to your three months’ salary.
3.     Have a budget and stick to the same as the wand to your financial prosperity.

Neglect of the small is the confusion of great. So says James Allen. A small hole would make the boat sink in the water. Hence we have to be sensitive to our spending and investment so that we have a track where our financial journey goes.
For that we have to record each and every expenditure and income. Monitor such items and make down where we are. Putting into record every money transaction in our budget book will show us to the correct trajectory.

Health records speak about our well being 

Assorted Doctors Tools

We have to maintain our health records to avoid sickness and we see that our wellbeing is attended to in true perspective and sprit. We have to monitor our health condition and review the same now and then.

Regular annual physical checkup is a must to know about your body and any adverse inference needs attention to avoid any further complications. Adequate insurance coverage to meet the medical expenses is a must in these of days.  Just viewing the doctor’s bill would   shoot up our BP.
Golden rules for health 

1.      Take good diet rich in nutrient and you should never take adulterated and old food,  food prepared under unhygienic condition.
2.     Take minimum 6 hours sleep. The rest is a must to rejuvenate our cells and nerves.
3.     Do exercise   regularly. Any sort of physical activity would help us in this regard. Walking, cycling .Gymnastic. Dancing, playing, jogging, swimming, etc.

The record should contain all the test results any   other relevant materials which we feel useful in the long run.

Old wisdom new technology

There are myriad applications available from Google Play. Store .We can have our records in digital form and backup for future reference.  

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Books are windows that allow light of knowledge

Books on Bookshelves

Wise books would embellish our life with wisdom

Wisdom always mould  our mind and heart

Heart elates due to mindfulness that always assures   inner peace.

Peace is to be  ever-lasting  but turmoils are temporary

Good reading could teach us to flaunt our abilities  

Abilities   save  us from  perils  that we should not heed 

Heed to pleasant memories and happy moments

Moments however little count for bliss and tranquility.

Read quality content to strengthen our soul  for a pleasant journey

 Journey is full of ups and downs to make us  glow like stars

Stars gleam to adore the sky and we should also   shine 

Shine To make the earth a good place to live in by all.

Writings  of great authors teach us to  think of our blessings

Blessings outnumber curses  which  we can chrish

Cherish to avoid  pessimistic thoughts and negativity 

Negativity brings debacles whereas opitmistic mindset quarentees success.

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clipart rainbows


The Rainbow appears during the odd hours

Adorning the sky with all the  glittering powers

To present  an alluring   visual breat 

Assuring us always a definite heartbeat

Seven colors in equal and uniform measure

Give  us  all the joy and pleasure

It blooms and lasts only  for a small time

Like the short-lived air dubble whose aim

Is to show us life is unicertain and short

And play the game with fun   like  a sport

It is a graceful and delightful nift of nature

Flaunting a beautiful and beguiling  look ever mature

Envisaging loveliness and hope   in its beauty

To remind us to stick to our Futy 

Of practicing the message of unconditional love

For all the living earthlings with a vow 

Using Made Up Words, Write An Amusing Rhyming Poem

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Old is gold forever and ever.

So many numbers of consumer goods enter our house at  various occasions and all are not remaining with us for a long time. Due to wear and tear some may be thrown into the dustbin or replaced with new ones. Some we would give to charitable institutions. Some we may hold on for years together as they become our favorites. For example, my buddies use to possess the same car , two wheeler  or mobile or other gadget stating that they are comfortable with them or they are attached to them sentimentally. Others  ridicule or  make fun of them which they won’t mind.

When Blogadda comes with the prompt about the random item in our house the first one comes to my mind is our tailoring machine. This one we have got at the time of our marriage and for the past four decades it is a good utility as a sewing machine. 

Once an investment always an investment.

Even though the tailoring machine occupies the corner place in our drawing room due to  its usage it is viewed as the most precious treasure in our house. It has never occurred to us to replace it with a new one as it has not given any trouble to us but useful giving all the benefits at all times. But for servicing now and then and cleaning the machine it has not gone for major repair. It has become my wive’s’ favorite pastime  as well as the immediate source of support and help at the time of emergency.

This machine can be used for performing multiple purposes. At the time of purchase, it was manually  operative and we have purchased electric motor to make it easier for my wife to operate without any strain But for this change, we have not gone for any up-gradations or other alteration. Nowadays the consumer goods are going out of date within a short period of time .When we have got to go for  servicing them the vendors would  tell there is no spare part for the model as it has gone out of date and the manufacturers stop producing   the same. 

A stitch in time saves nine 
There are various benefits of owning a sewing  machine. Once in my daughter’s school, there was an inspection scheduled by the school inspector, On that day morning when she took the uniform she was shocked to see it torn at the backside below the  color.  The previous day we gave it for ironing . 
Immediately my wife got it stitched so that it won’t’ appear awkward. Yes at this crucial juncture there would be tension and this sort of problems are inevitable.  This type of emergency may happen at every household and the presence of such a tailoring machine definitely serves as a boon for all. That shows the machine remains as an essential article and not a luxury item for a very long period.

Alertness is always good 

My job is transferable one . I have to pack and move to new places now and then due to transfer. Once on such an occasion, I arranged a local packager to shift my household articles. After packing and see all were  well with the packaging and covering with due diligence we went to the new town by train and we were waiting for the lorry to arrive and unload our articles in our new house at the new place.

When the lorry came the load men  started to unload the articles and placed then as per our advice in the new house. Everything was  over and they felt relaxed  I checked everything and it seemed all went well. At last, the driver asked me to check we got everything. It was in the evening and dark also I took a torchlight and looked into open  the body of the lorry  I found the sewing  machine was there which escaped   our attention. Saying, sorry the load men unload it also. We were happy and for that time onwards whenever we shift we make it a point to have the tailoring machine as the last  item so that we won’t miss it at any cost.

Such a kinship has developed between us and the machine still we look at it as a great treasure.

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No of pages ;172

Publishers: Notion

Published on : 25th June 2108

Author’s links;  Goodreads Amazon Amazon  
Genre: Non Fiction Money Investment and stock market .

My take

I thank the authors Indrazith Shantharaj and Kiran Nayak for having sent me the book in exchange of  my review.
Stock market Gurus Indrazith Shantha raj and Kiran Kumar Nayak have combined to craft a book to give pragmatic tips,  and guidelines on stock market investment highly talking about focus on good risk-reward  and risk management . They have written the book targeting the beginners in trading activity  and commerce students, all those traders struggling to make money out of the stock market with feasible ideas and plausible insights. They have not only explored investors psychology but also explaining myths and fads associated with the stock market investment.
The plan
The title TRADE AND GROW RICH  and the subtitle Adventurous journey to successful trading are very much bewitching and also the over design is fitting the theme of the book.
With a forward from CA Rudramurthy MD &Research Head Vachana Investments Pvt Ltd, the book carries ten chapters holding the caption like Do you Fail n Trading followed by interviews with the most successful traders Saurabh Chauhan Soumya Malani Jayachandran Prem Doshi Nav Bhaiya D Pawan Kumar and Mohawk Pachisia.
Each chapter carries the details and descriptions of various circumstances, situations, and strategies with graphs  charts and  advices Giving the details of basic charts the authors depict the various facets of the stock market and the mistakes the traders make during their journey as a trader and suggestions and solutions.
Even though the investment jargon of stock market looks odd and new to beginners those who are already traders would find them enlightening and educating. Especially those chapters giving an account of Indicators and the entry and exit points would give a clear cut instruction and guidance for the present traders.
The significance of keeping a journal to record al our translators and revisit and review the same would help the traders a large extent.
In the interviews, the successful traders answer the questions like
How did you start training?
In the footnote the sayings of wise investors like Jesse Livermore and Jim Rogers.
My favorite
Chapter wise I like the chapter 6 Risks ahead and Journey with the Journal.
Top 3 important tips that have got y attention more,
Be humble and don’t gamble

The entry and exit alone will decide the fate of your trade.

To make money in the market traders should know how and when to be aggressive or defensive based on market dynamics. 

Top 2 advances by the traders interviewed,

One of the biggest mistake traders makes s spending the majority of their time discussing things that are not in their control.
Trading is a dangerously addictive skill game, entering is in your hands but getting out is very difficult.
My verdict
 This well-written book bolsters the authors/ contentions on stock market investment and it is obsolutely eceellent  book for traders 
For the like of  me  whereas I am an ordinary investor the detailed analysis would make the reader an interesting a well as informative one.
Wise Impressive classic and a neatly written book would definitely arouse interest in the minds of the readers who want to make money out of the stock market.
Score: 4/5
Disclaimer: I have received thee book from the authors in exchange  of my honest and unbiased review  and i have not received any monetary compensation from them for the same.

Love your job

If at all I have to be a shadow of someone for a day I prefer my first boss as he is my philosopher,mentor ,guide and role model. Because he has taught me wisdom and great values.He is well experienced and highlyh knowledge person. The following  story involving me and my boss would substantiate the above fact.

Work is its own reward

During  the period of 80’s  after graduation with a first class degree I started to search for a  reasonable and respectable job . It seemed a Herculean task to find a suitable job even though I left no stone unturned and in course of time  I became a naysayer .

 Fortunately I landed in a job with the help of my dearest buddy. I got appointment  as  a sales Representative in a partnership firm selling Engineering and electrical goods. I had less and less desk work and more and more external job. I used to carry a specimen kit of Electric shock guard and  I went to various companies and organizations for canvassing orders for the same. This I had to execute by means of a demo to all and tell about the salient features of the same.

First impression should be the best one.

Since It was my first job I took it  seriously and worked hard to prove myself.I had to report to my boss now and then about the progress and constraint.  Due to my dedication to the  job and my knowledge about drafting letters etc  always I was in his good books . He got a soft corner for me and whatever request I put in he agreed sans questioning.

 Including me there were fifty employees.I got an edge over others by virtue of my qualification as all others were either metric passed or failed. As they were well experienced and learned a lot  they handled their job as a versatile artist and well versed in their field like accounts etc.

Attitude alters  altitude.

Apart from my  meager  salary as I was compensated by means of perks in the form of incentive and beta.I used to put in my best efforts to finish my job in time with a proactive manner with  a result oriented approach   Since I was treated as a family member by all in the office , it became my next home .

Compliment  in public but correct  in private.

Once it so happened  an electrical item meant for a firm which I had to hand over it  to the same.I went there by bus carrying it in a bag. Reaching there when I opened the bag I  found it broken into pieces.I thought of resigning my job as I was negligent ,caused monetary loss to my company. I was not  so serious about my job. I wanted to resign. My boss advised me not to quit and be careful hereafter.If he  has punished me in one way other it would have been an indelible scar in my mind .  

Give respect and  get respect.

I developed the habit of respecting others wholeheartedly . I did not give room to  my ego to interfere in this matter  If you treat people well, you will be treated well by them . This I learnt from my boss. Wheneve there was a function in our boss house all irrespective of cadre or status we were invited to attend the same  and he sat with us to see we were treated well.

 We had got  a strong  sense of belonging to the concern as well as with each other and the atmosphere as well as the environment would be always happy and joyful.

Work is fun and fun only. We have to develop the correct attitude to take work as a fun and play.Team spirit is the secret of success of any organization.Working together we can gather many laurels .

All these good qualities  I could imbibe  from the comely behavior of my boss

He used to tell us all the following soulcentric words.

Life may be a short or long or  the medium journey  with twistst and turns we have to upgrade our social skills so that it would be a happy , benign and peaceful one for all and we should safeguard ourselves and others from all the troubles and turmoils with due tolerance, understanding and empathy.

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A loop poem

An old adage “The sky is the limit” would motivate all

All accept with a dream we can break the atmospheric boundaries

Boundaries of the horizon  are aimed with mission and  passion

Passion paves way for making our goals and vision a reality.

Castles in the air indolent and forlorn daydreamers build

Build your empire with dedication determination and  confidence

Confidence and perseverance are two rudimentary pillars of success.

Success is destined to follow our will power, aspiration, and ambition.

Fear of failure would seem to  hamper  our steady advancement 

Advancement  we accomplish  with an optimistic outlook and  the veracious  attitude

Attitude towards   obstacles is to be  in the direction of  the positivity

Positivity   results in viewing  them  as  opportunities to win with a victory 

Focus on a single goal at a time leads to myriad  destinations

Destinations don’t vary if the mind is not ready  to waver

Waver disturbs the diamond and  powerful trajectory of  achievements

Achievement of your dreams make your heart elated and  wide   

The fact “Sans pain there is no gain”  we all bolster and  cherish

Cherish all inspiring thoughts to put in all the efforts

Efforts made with   steadfastness and zeal bring positive ends 

Ends are essential to boost our mind to sustain the struggle.

Tie your faith to creativity and imagination to make your paradise

Paradise is not built in a day but brick by  brick it comes up

Up the spirit to establish the empire with wit and wisdom

Wisdom teaches us to care and share all we have with the have not’s.  

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