Review of M B A is not about MONEY,BLAZER,ARROGANCE

No of pages : 161

Published by: Seven Rosa Publishers

Published on

Genre : Fiction Romance Memoir

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My review

MBA is not about MONEY ,BLAZER,ARROGANCE is a novella revolving around the MBA graduates This is the first  time I am coming across a book devoted to the cause of an NGO.It deals with  the pursuit of purpose for  studying  the course. by a student with a deep sense of moral outrage.

Stimulating title and the subtitle are inducing us to look for the story behind them.  MBA, the abbreviation means Master of Business Administration ,the athour gives a different   meaning i.e Money Blazer Arrogance. Every graduate wants to pursue MBA a professional course which paves way for a glorious  future in all facets of life  like money, status in life. etc. Parents also want their children take up the prestegious programme.

The cover design is nice. There are 12 chapters, each carrying  the name of a  month starting from January to December as the caption. The language of the passionate author Krishna Kranthi  is propulsive and the narration is  entertaining. The plot is thin and there are sufficient subplots to run the story in a smooth manner..Characters are real and the events are realistic.

Revant, the protagonist joins SPJIMR at Mumbai for obtaining the MBA degree. There he encounters many situations and he finds all those take the course are after money and they are arrogant . He wants to know the purpose his pursuing the course. Whether he gets the answer or not make the most of the tale.

I  like the experience of the hero Revant  with the NGO namely Vigyan Ashram in Pabal village near Pune started by Dr.Kalbag .It is an educational organization which provides education to the poor children through its unique education system.It teaches various skills like agriculture, welding.carpentry,drilling and other such manual work and most students come from poor background and some are dropouts or those who were ignored by the schools. It gives them accommodation and food and teaches them valuable skills.

The most interesting part of the book is the chapter ,namely November as Revant goes to various cities  in the Europe like,Paris, Zurich, Munich, Rome, Pisa, and Venice. The author has given a wonderful picture of such places we feel we are travelling with him.

I love the book for a good message it gives to all of us.

A lfe is not worth anything , if you can’t give back to the society in whatever form.

I recommend this book to all MBA aspirants . students ,  parents and teachers.

A part of your money from this purchase goes to an NGO-Vigyan Ashram in the form of educational scholarships to the students.

To help the poor students  and also enjoy the light and impressive read ,you buy the book and be part of the Social service to them.This gracious gesture would get you so much  happiness.

My scoring 4/5

Disclaimer I have won the book from Goodreads Giveaway and this is my honest and unbiased review .

Author Krishna Kranthi 

Krishna Kranthi Interview


Online adventure

facebook, instagram, network

Facebook flaunts index of our mind

Golden tweets glitter showily to bind

Social pleasantries dwindle definitely

Virtual realm grabs eyeballs infinitely

Whatsapp earned love is always blind.

Speaking in English is a matter of pride

When I was studying in the school I used to write in my own words .My English teacher won’t give marks for such own efforts. Just for passing my examination I had to memorize all the sentences in the book and I wrote whatever I could remember and recollect..This is but the rote system where in you study the lessons by heart and try to put in as many words as possible for you to bring to your mind. But this is not the case in today’s world. Writing in own words is considered as a great art and whoever does this is considered to be a genius.

One language that unites all continents
English is the universal language and most of the scientific and technological papers are submitted in the same. It is the language recognized by many countries and as such we have to learn English at any cost to come up in our life. The students from the rural areas find it difficult to study the language and when they meet their urban counterparts they feel themselves to be fish out of water .

Professional training begins early
Spoken English is a compulsory subject in schools as the students come out of them joining the professional course they find it difficult to talk in English or follow what the teacher want to convey. In professional colleges they have got this Bridge course specially prepared for the benefit of freshers. It includes spoken English and Grammar. This would equip the students who otherwise find it difficult to coop up with new environment and atmosphere.

The burden rests with the teachers
Practice makes everything perfect. With a little more attention and concentration one can learn English . It would help every one to master the subject and feel confident. Teachers have got a great role in preparing the students for the new challenges the students have to face due to their ignorance and inexperience. They have to train them with suitable exercises and giving sufficient tools to learn English. It may be in the form of Worksheets or text books . Even audio cassettes would help them a lot to learn the language.

Internet helps the students to a large extent
Nowadays due to the advent of Internet the colleges may seek the help of foreign universities to give lessons to the students and they can get all the doubts cleared . Teachers can also update their skill and knowledge so as to teach the students new ideas and concepts which help them to improve their language.
Last but not least students should take all the initiative to make progress when they learn the language by frequent interactions with their peers and teachers .

Are you someone who despearately want to improve English but bothered about getting your eyes damged by watching the internet for a long period of time?Then you are in right place.Contact Nihar Shanti Amla’s Pathshala Funwala’s toll free number 8055667788. You will not be disappoined. They teach English in a unique way better than computers so that you don’t feel bored. 

Pathshala Funwala

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No of pages :  220

Published by : Srishti Publishers &Distributors

Published on : 2015

Genre : Fiction Detective Crime Thriller Psycho

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My review

In the Shadows of death is a crime thriller with an astute protagonist Agni Mitra Assistant Commissioner of Police , Detective Department, Kolkata Police.His investigation of a series of murders suspected to be committed by a psychopath forms the crux of the novel. There are so many puzzles to engage and entertain you which include the identity of the culprit unfurled in an intriguing course of actions .

This book is a pleasant, readable one during the night with the winter coolness adding a thrilling experience of entertainment .ACP Agni Mitra has become my favorite investigator.

Sourah Mukherjee has woven a brilliant story with the wonderful development of characters coupled with the creation of suspense and panic in equal measure . With a lucid plot and supporting sub plots to give strength to it ,he  keeps us hooked to the tale of terror and horror .His writing is so superb that it gives a steady flow of engagement without any lags a sure page turner. 

The yarn involves gruesome murders, kidnapping , and sexual assault on unsuspecting and vulnerable professional housewives and you get goosebumps. The modus operandi  employed by the perpetrator for catching his preys would give a breathtaking anxiety .The fast pace goes at a staedy speed and the eye-popping narrative prose would see that you finish the book at one go.The hot pursuit of the villain by the detective involving myriad strategies enthrall you.

Since it is a suspense thriller I don’t want to reveal the story and the readers should give a read to enjoy the melodrama.
The strong blurb says about the story as follows.

A ruthless killer walking the rain washed streets of Kolkatta . A detective battling storms brewing in his private life. Human relations infested with deceit. A generation struggling to cope with fast changing ambitions and desires .

With realistic touch the  tale deals with a psychopath, his relationship with his lovers , ordeals, impulse and premeditated plans , his  inadequacy and insecurity . It is a stunning novel about the adventurous journey of a detective to unravel the mystery and his efforts and success in the same.

The social drama notifies the perils of sex out of wedlock and the menace of drinking alcohol to the level of getting cockeyed and the break up of relationship due to these factors. 

The sizzling title as well as the colorful cover design which creates curiosity flaunt the genre to which the book belongs to ie crime thriller.

It makes a light, but engaging read. It is a definite fascinating contemporary  novel and it feeds your expectations as soon as you open the book and reach the fitting end.

I like the following words of hard reality from the novel.

You need stability in your personal life to be productive at work.

Everyone wants instant success without having to walk that extra-mile.At the same time they don’t understand the value of discipline . There is absolutely no restraint, no self-control. And no dearth of temptations these days in our so-called liberal ,globalized society with changing moral values .

Guilt often takes its own time to sink in. And when it does, it drives one to do imaginable. 

I like the book for its horrifying storyline and the memories will remain with me for a longer time.

I recommend this book for all thriller fans . It throws light on the lessons we have to remember in these challenging era of so many distractions and disturbances due to the advent of the internet and the deterioration of values.     
Cover design by Wasim Helal suits the motif of thrill.

My scoring  5/5

Disclaimer I am goodreads giveaway winner of this book and this is my honest and unbiased review.

 Author Sourabh Mukherjee 


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Review of UNNS The Captivation


Author : Sapan Saxena

No of Pages : 244

Published by : Inspire India Publishers

ISBN: 978-93-85783-87-6

Published on : 18 March 2016

Genre; Romance Action Spy Adventure Thriller.

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My take 

Love thrills; at times it fails also. To love someone and to be loved by the same person may give buoyant vibes in our life. But when it fails the pain  hurts.
UNNS The captivation is  a story of Atharva Rathod, a maths prodigy turned sleuth  starting  his teenage to the age of 42.It is a tale of his journey blended with his  professional  life.
When I start to read the book I find myself floating through an entertaining story of love and duty.

The plot.  

Atharva Rathod , the protagonist , a student of a Coed school in an urban city near New Delhi is ,  studios and hardworking . Atharva meets Meher Qasim and it is love at first sight.Their love blossoms like a flower but due to the intervention of Meher ‘s parents she severs the  bond . She leaves for Germany and lives with her aunt.

He suffers from  Thrombophilia  for which he takes injection once in a month. His sufferings due to the disease would strike us to feel for him.

The next part of the story starts after 15 years.Now Atharva is an officer of RAW an Indian intelligence agency   and his boss is director Vasu.He is deputed to Munich  for a mission . Dev is his Senior officer.There he has to follow Professor Miyaaz Sheikh  and collect information about his activities. There he happens to meet Meher again
She tells about her past that her mother has introduced  a boy to Meher .But the relationship does not materialize and she has to part with him.She is looking after her aunt’s hotel business. Atharva desires to live with her.

Sleek and crisp blurb asks the following question

   Are they in control their own destiny , or is it their destiny which is           making them dance to it’s tunes ?

This teen aged lovebirds faces challenges in their adult  life . What are their struggles and hitches they face?How Atharva has got the next assignment to save the kid Ayaz in Belmount in the state of New Hampire. and the how far he is successful in the mission. For all these questions the book has got the answers.

The Pro

The unique title UNNSThe captivation embossed along with a small branch of plant with two leaves and a flower would be a treat to your eyes. .The cover is exotic and the design is awe-inspiring  I like the recommendation of Anupam Sinha (India ‘s NO 1 Comic book writer.)

                       “Will keep you at the edge of your seat.”

With gorgeous prose and indelible characters this  tale speaks volume about the effect of love .   The dazzling plot holds our attention from the opening page to the stunning climax .Author has embedded the subplots with a seamless manner   which contribute a lot to make the reading an enjoyable one.Characters are professionals  and well placed.

There are  nearly 25 chapters having captions in Hinglish .Actually the book starts with the chapter namely   Meher in which Atharva tells about his diary where  he pens his stories. The printing and the bold font  make the read gratifying.

My favorite

The  teenage buddies, Atharva and Meher love  each other and the portrayal of the same  is lively and lovely.I like the episode in which  the Intelligence officers want to see all the mails sent to the  professor and the modus operandi   employed through a mobile app .

Gems of wisdom

Sometimes, it is worth living the dreams,  tasks, hopes or ambitions of the people you love, however unjustifiable or stupid they may sound.Sometimes it’s worth completing  when they stood up for. That is the best gift you can give  to the people you love.
They say you are the maker of your own destiny .Big words, like you make your own destiny. But no matter how hard you try if one person is not convinced, the entire direction of you life changes .

Hub, would mean the stage of attraction .it is when two people feel attracted to each other , but have not developed strong feelings for each other. This is followed by UNNS the sage of infatuation when people think they are in love but actually aren’t. It is merely attraction and captivation.

 I like   Dev as he is very organized  and supportive. The way the story is woven  astounds me as the author has crafted it with all the keenness.  The intrigue  and the methodology for carrying out  by the intelligence agency is well put in.
Also I like heart wrenching the story of Austrian weight lifter , Matthias Steiner .

My version

With a writing style  that is conversational most of the time. Sapan Saxena engrosses you in a wise combination romance and realism .I enjoyed the fast pace of the book .
It makes a  fun read for all . This book is worth every penny it costs You would be hooked from the first page Readers would feel the thrill and excitement  developed dud to the unexpected and unpredictable happenings. .with unflinching eyes only we have to read the book as the story flows very fast and we would get glued to the same.
Go and grab the book to  give yourself a treat of entertainment.

My Scoring : 5/5

Disclaimer : I am the winner of the Goodreads giveaway and this is my honest and unbiased review.

Review of Messed up! But All for Love

No of pages :  162

Published by : Srishti Publishers &Distributors

Published on : 2017

Genre :Youth Adult Romance Contemporary Thriller

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 My take 

I thank Writers Melon for having sent me the book in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. Romance is always the favorite genre all of for us.  Because we can relate to the story as every one comes across the phase of love in his /her life one or other time.When the novella  deals about the youth, their fun , playfulness, pain and the joy we feel enthralled.

Messed up !But All for Love is a clever book crafted with poignancy in the backdrop of a cosmopolitan city in Delhi .This story is indeed a portray of lifestyle of present ultra modern metropolitans  who indulge in all sort of extravagance in the name of partying which include boozing.  Woven into the story are various lessons about love ,marriage, divorce and life.

The plot

Neil the protagonist, 35 year old guy living in Gurgaon  tells his story in flashback in his first person narrative to Ganga, his boss. He has married Gauri, a dentist.His buddies are Tom, Jerry, and James.Jerry is an IT geek always in the pursuit of an app.Rest of them are all employees with regular income. Gauri ‘s friend is Mehr.

Drishti ,an anchor with a news channel and her husband Somesh Sambhav Singh , a senior cop  are at the verge of their divorce as she doubts he is flirting with a German girl ten years younger to him.

Gauri introduces Srinya,a fitness instructor to Neil as he wants to reduce his weight. Neil and his buddies go to Tashkent, Capital of Uzbekistan to spend their vacation and Gauri along with her friends go to Bangkok.Again for Thanksgiving they go to Cuba. Srinya also has come there to attend the same musical concert which Neil and his friends decide to attend.

Gauri comes to know about the visit of Neil to the hotel where Srinya stays and she doubts he is developing a friendship with her. She pours out her insecurity to Neil through a letter.Meanwhile Mehr becomes closer to Jerry and Tom woos Srinya.

Gouri leaves for Chennai as she has to attend a Summit for dentists.That night Neil along with his friends go to Cyber Hub for drinks and music.After consuming so many rounds of whiskey  in an inebriate mood they create such a nasty and awkward scene it lands him in the soup.There starts the trouble which leads to so many problems . Then the  story moves at a fast pace.The twists and turns which occur would entertain you.

The Pro

The book starts with a Prologue, sectioned into three parts ending with an Epilogue. The colorful cover is enticing and It’s design allures me a lot. Sautrav Das has done a marvelous job.The title printed nicely gives a fascinating sensation. The images of a couple and a lonely girl give the hint  of a triangle love.

The beginning of the story seems to go at a slow pace but as the reading proceeds the tempo would be felt. It is a sure page turner. I know Hindi to some extent and hence I can follow the  conversations in Hindi. The chat with Radio Mirchi is given in Hindi and English.

The plot is good and  the sub plots are strong to hold the attention of the readers. Characters are realistic, intelligent,wise,hardworking,and ambitious  and their emotions and feelings are heartwarming. There is a sufficient space among them  which in fact makes the read a gratifying one. The humorous elements the author has added in the otherwise tense social drama serve the purpose of coaxing the readers for a quick a read.

 The language is gripping and the story line is compelling.The narrative prose accompanied by poem here and there would touch you within. The tale covers all the facets of marriage  be love, adultery , infatuation , live in together without marrying , and infidelity . There is suspense and surprises to make you awestruck. The climax is a fitting  one .

I admire both Tom and Mehr as they stand with their friends through thick and thin .

My version

Arvind Parashar’s book has blown me away. His writing is superb and differentTill death do us part ” This vow taken by the couple Neil and Gauri  shows  us the crux of marriage. He   emphasizes  this message with a louder voice.. He has span a tale to  engulf you in a blend of romance , realism , action,adventure , friendship. and crime .

Readers can find the story very much contemporary and they can enjoy the social drama due to its entertainment quotient.I recommend this book to both young and old people for a light read .
Don’t wait, but buy it immediately.

My rating:    5/5

Disclaimer: I received a copy from Writersmelon in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.’