A Prudnet way of  disposal of idle and unattended smart  phones and laptops  #CleanUpCashOut

The advent of internet and technology has paved way for a revolutionary growth and impressive development  in our lifestyle.They have   boosted our empowerment and made our living easy. Apart from fetching the world to our palm, smart phone and laptop have  become our constant companions guiding us, laughing  and crying with us,  sharing our day to day  hustle and bustle, connecting with others and bringing all the awareness and knowledge at one click.

Smart phones and laptops have become necessary consumer goods   and there is a deluge of gadgets in various models according to our budget and requirement. Half knowledge is dangerous. We buy the gadget and use it for texting messages and other related jobs .But they don’t work properly, we don/t know the ABC  to repair it  and we take it to service centers. At a certain stage they become irreparable we dump them in our store room. This has resulted in accumulating the idle gadgets in our cupboard and store room unattended. Use it or lose it .but before throwing into the dustbin make use of Cashify to capitalize it in a simple, fast and incredible manner.

App is there to make our job easy and   nowadays   it is  introduced in the Google play store  only to be downloaded and utilized for our benefit and advantages . It is a hassle free process  and  a minimum IQ would  suffice to handle them. Cashify is such a wonderful app and a platform as it has come to solve the problem of getting a good deal for our old articles and it is a user-friendly one.

Let us see three top scenarios, how old gadgets are kept idle and unattended

1  Wear and tear is a natural process


Time is said to be a good healer. The same is  also a reason for erosion.. Every object has got its own span of life .Over a period of time it begins to get   unusable or damaged to such an extent it needs to be repaired. However diligent we operate it, in the course of time it loses its originality   to get it serviced. If you take the mobile, the glass would fade and there may be scratches. I have seen my buddies holding the mobile even though there are so many lines on the display glass. The OS would have got corrupted and it requires to be upgraded.  If we use a pukka anti-virus software we can save it from such situation .The battery would not stand for a longer time as it used to be in the past and it needs to be replaced with a new one.

Like this there would be umpteen number of problems the mobile or laptop give. If we are fortunate and within the guarantee period we can get a better deal from the service centers .Once when my mobile was not working I took the same to a service center. The staff  at the counter who looked at my mobile said that there would be a possibility of damaging the whole thing if they tried to install a new OS.

The electronic equipment is sensitive and any abuse or misuse would result in impairment. We have to take precautionary measures to safeguard the mobiles or laptop. Now and then old files are to be deleted to save the space. When there is a warning about the drainage   of power , it is to be  charged immediately.  Despite our handling the smart phone and laptops at most care and attention ,  they would slip into the unused category after the usage of them at   a certain period of time    The golden saying “The dishes don’t do themselves “ apply to these worn out items. You have to make all the efforts to    dispose of them.
 Cashify comes to our rescue and we have to take full advantage of it.Be smart to encash the oppurtunity full extent .

2  Obsession with old articles. 

Collage of Black objects - csp10334926
In my house there was a Murphy radio which my father got as a gift from his uncle .When it came it was given a warm welcome and royal treatment was accorded as it was the only source of entertainment during that time. If I remember on Sunday there would be drama broadcasted and we would be eagerly waiting for the same.  It was placed on its own pedestal and cleaned with cloth every week. As days turned to months the glamour dwindled. Then the devil started to play with it and it was not working properly. The volume button was the first victim and actually it came out of the socket.  We replaced it and again the on/off switch gave trouble.

Albeit  the radio has gone not of order just because my father has got sentiments towards the same we were keeping it idle . Once my uncle visited our house told us there was a big exchange mela going on in an electrical shop . We took the radio to the shop and got a new one . Nowadays I see some of my buddies keeping the mobiles which have become old and irreparable condition just because they have got some sort of attachment to them. Some say they have brought prosperity and some say they don’t have money and time to go for a new one.

In every house we can see old items lying in the store room, cupboard   unattended. It may be a modem, or a hot spot which we don’t know how to dispose of.  The other day my buddy  requested  me,”Please give me your phone I want to make a call as I have left my phone in my house.” When I gave  the phone he was awestruck to see an old phone.  He told   me, “when you can afford to have a nice brand new one why are you sticking to the old one?” I replied ,” This is a lucky phone. “.He suggested, “It is all in the minds. We can do multitask using the latest  model like chatting with others , listening to our favorite music ,replying emails and surfing the net simultaneously. You have to change it. Otherwise you would become an  odd man out”. Then the possiblity  of disposing my phone arises and I am happy to know about Cashify .I want to make use of it and recommend to my friends also .

3  Technology begets new technology.

apple, coffee, computer

We have come from the stone age to information age .Technology play a pivotal role in bringing new  phones and laptops at frequent intervals. Up gradation and invention take place at a fast pace and it is easily found out that there is a plethoric arrival of new brands with modern   features . What was sold as hot cake has become out of date inviting lukewarm interest from the consumers.

There is an array of alluring models   and the customer feels baffled  to decide his choice. We cannot go on to stick to the old mobile or laptop . If we want to enjoy the fruits of technology we have to discard the old things and purchase new ones. During the past 5 years I used 8   mobiles and the latest one I have bought some 3 months back. Out of 7 mobiles each one   has got its own story and they have become history. Every dog has its day .

Cashifyin website and the cashify app have come as an oasis in the desert for the  disposal of old mobiles ,laptops TV and other  electronics equipments  at a better bargain price and taking a little time .  You can use it to sell your old electronic goods from your smart phone itself and it is a simple , quick and incredible  way  and the process is a pleasant experience.
Use the code CLEANCASH to get additional Rs 250/- on the sale of your gadgets.

To know more about it just a click on the following link would do


Sailing in the same boat



Misfortunes knock our doors at the wee hours

Indelible scars and haunting lessons become ours

Unfortunate lot suffer immensely

Blithe ignorance  looms adversely

Echt Caring  and altruistic sharing are  twin powers 

Review of Hell No Saints in Paradise


No of pages:   350

Published by:     Harper Collins Publishers India

Published on:   25 th August 2017

Genre:      Fiction adult  Satire Fantasy   Allegory

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Author’s links:   Goodreads   Amazon   Flipkart 

My take

 I thank Writersmelon for having sent me the book in exchange of my honest review.

“Hell No Saints in Paradise “ The title itself denotes it is a classic satire with humorous flavor coated with fantasy . When I start reading the book , I find it a definitely  different book and it need s my patient and steady reading. This story revolves around the happenings in the life of a Pakistani-American student. This is the first time I am coming across a fast and fantastic  novel set up in the near future I. e 2050. We are all accustomed to the contemporary or ancient tale and this has come with an approach to the future a sure modern attempt .This book has come as a challenge to me and I have read the each and every page with zest as I am astounded by the freshness  and novel revelations.
The plot

The story starts from October 2050 when the protagonist Ismael an agnostic meets Petra a psychoanalyst in the making in Grasshpopper. He tells her about his thesis for PhD programme  namely Paradise and Hell. As per suggestion he goes to the Yage Yoga Center at Columbus Circle. There he meets Khidr who tells him that   he is going to “clean up a big mess” . When he returns to his apartment he finds an envelope containing air ticket from JKF to Lahore , Pakistan.

He gets into the Lahore city and Wali , the car driver takes him in the car to his home where his  father Abba is residing . Wali takes him to a stadium where there is a cricket match is going on. There they meet Tarzan who is selling papad . From there the story travels through various places. Like Layer after layer the incidents take place and there is hope and despair, Pain and pleasure take turns to run the story.

There are 27 chapters and each chapter gives more and more action and adventure of the hero. There are many characters like Pir Pul Siraat , Ibrahim, Pappu Saien, Laila, Sophie, queen Xenobia, Munkar and Nakir.
What happens to the hero and how he manages to enter in to Paradise makes the most part of the second part. What about the mission he faces and the outcome of the same the book discusses elaborately.

The Pro

A K Asif , a debut author  has woven a beautiful story based on the experiences and ordeals of the MCs .with a narrative prose describing the various events in a smooth manner . The language is gorgeous and it serves as a sure page turner. The pace is  even and there is no dragging at any  point of time. The plot is a strong one and the subplots are equally well depicted. The humor and action blends well to keep the tempo and there is good amount of suspense and surprises at each and every page . 

There are thrilling situations and spine chilling sceneries to engage the readers  as a great entertainer. The hero’s aspirations, dreams ,frustrations, dilemmas and fears are given in its true vividness. His sexual encounters are seemed to be exaggerated and magnified. It is all the author’s imagination as the story belongs to a entirely odd realm and it is the beauty of the author present a realistic picture in a fictional world created by him.   

A strong blurb on the back side of the cover aks the question ,” Will he survive long enogh to infilrate his father’s inner sanctum and complete his mission.  
My verdict

Actually I feel  hooked to the book from the first page as I  come across many action scenes and I go on read  it at regular intervals  till I reach the end  . I admire  the book for all the pearls of wisdom from Holy Quran and I find it engrossing due to the actions and adventures . I await  the author’s next book.
A funny , pensive and intelligent story may scare at times like a horror movie .But the author’s  story teller skill has made it a sure   astute roller coaster ride.
You would be moved by the modern writing style and the perfect editing .The fascinating story would enthrall you in the first person narration of the hero and coaxes you read on still you finish it with due satisfaction and excitement.  Overall the absorbing tale with the maximum entertainment  quotient with a fitting ending would be a great treat for your intellectual quest .

I recommend this book tto all who love fantasy stories.

Cover design and illustratin by Saurabh Garge is superb.

My score: 4/5

Disclaimer: I have reeived a copy from Writersmelon  in exchange of an honest and unbiased review.

E-waste is a scourge of our life #CleanUpCashOut

Our journey with computer begins

Finding solutions algorithm of programming languages

During 90’s only we come to know about mobile and laptop . At that time   in my office there was an auction of old computers and terminals. I was lucky enough to get a computer with mouse and key board, my children were beaming as though we   won a bumper lottery.  I spent a small amount to fix it with ups. Actually this computer was not up to our expectation   and I had to get it repaired now and then. At a certain stage we had no use of it   and we gave it to a charitable institution along with some amount for repairing the same.

Then we have got a laptop for our personal use as it has become a necessity for my daughter who has joined an engineering course. It is utile to a large extent and we have got internet connection. But for the updating of latest version and the antivirus   it has helped her to   learn a lot.

Smartphone is a boon to all.

Mobile phone  we get as a gift for our birthday.  I have given as a gift to my friends and relatives on special occasions.  Due to the updating of the version we have to look for the latest model. Previously  it was  2G to 3G and now it is 4G  which fact in fact leads to go  the latest trend.    We would buy the same at the  arrival  in the market and the old ones would be disposed off by reselling or give it to the retailor as exchange for the new one.  

Loss of mobile is a miserable experience.

Person Holding Silver Iphone 6 Taking Photo

To lose the mobile is an ordeal no one can endure. Once we miss the mobile our contacts and other related matters would go .My buddy when he misplaced his mobile he wept as he has stored his favorite songs numbering 1000. We feel as though we have lost an integral part of our system. There are circumstances when we miss the mobiles our search won’t be fruitful unless or otherwise we are lucky. Once when I went to a nearby  city it so happened the mobile in my pant pocket had slipped  and fallen  in the bus itself. I didn’t notice it . 

When I got down from  the bus and went to the office, I noticed that my mobile was missing.
I rang up the number from my office land line I got  the reply from a stranger and he said he was holding the phone as he found it  in the bus and asked me to collect it .He gave me  his address. I am fortunate to get back my phone.

The mobile is so sensitive that if it falls from a height of say 5 feet it would get damaged. To get it serviced is a tough job. Once it so happened that I  put the mobile in the washing machine not knowing that it was lying in the  front pocket of my shirt.  When we give it for repair the service man says that we can purchase a new one instead of keeping the damaged one.

Recycling is the mantra for disposal of E-waste

e waste free image க்கான பட முடிவு

When the mobile becomes irreparable or old enough not be of further use we look for the shops which offer a price for such damaged phone. There is always exchange offer from the retailors and the mobile is better to be given as they would have a way to dispose the old gadgets. E waste is harmful and as such we cannot throw them just like that. It would give problems of ecological imbalance. Environmentalists are giving caution for the proper disposal of such discarded electric and electronic equipment. There are so many firms who arrange to recycle them in a productive manner.

There are always changes in technology and new models are coming in the market. Hence the disposal of old mobiles should be done on the war footing level. Nowadays even children want to have a mobile for playing games and it has become a fashion to hold the same always. Apart from listening to music, surfing the internet, sending mails and active participation in social media smart phone has become a normal sight among the youngsters and elders. It has become our constant companion and it rests along with us when we go to sleep.

I have not thrown the mobiles as thrash into the dust pin I look for the buyers who are ready to buy them at a discounted price.  There is always an exchange offer for old phones. We have to make use of it.
 Let us all be aware of Ewaste and take all the precautionery measures to dispose of it in a proper and prudent manner 

It is always better to sell the old phone through Cashyfy website and App.It is easy to sell the old phone through Cashify .You are assured of the best deal for your phone and it would be win-win situation for both the buyer and seller.The solution for sale of your  old phone is at the tip of your fingers and it a hassle free process.  Use the code CLEANCASH, to get additional Rs. 250 on the sale of your gadgets. Its time to 

To know more about Cashify, do check their website- https://www.cashify.in/


Failure is a prerequisite for great sucess. If you want  to succed faster, double your rate of failure
                                                             Brain Tracy 

Synchrony  is the secret of our success.

Suppose we are having a smart phone Brand A. The gadget   needs  energy and it gets the same from the battery. There is   a charger for the battery. We cannot use the brand B battery for our phone. Similarly, we cannot use brand C charger. Of course ,there is power back up . This is given for illustrative purpose only.

The utilisation of the mobile depends on all the three parts in working condition.
Let us treat our life as a product, it requires the coordination among the following three gifts.

1 Thought

James Allen ,in  his book “ As a man thinkth”says that “A man is literally what he thinks, his character being the complete sum of all his thoughts”. Our thoughts are capable of making our life a blessing or a curse. They mold our character and all our words and actions emanate from them. With our conscious effort we can develop good thoughts and eradicate bad thoughts. Good thoughts bring bliss and peace. Bad thoughts fetch ill effects.

Our mind is capable of making billions  of thoughts and it goes at a speed of many zillion thousand light years crossing the boundaries of the universe  and jumping from planet to planet like a monkey. 
In my college days one of our lecturers uses to ask us during his lecture
“Whoever is physically present and mentally absent raise your hands” when there is
pin drop silence and no interaction .
Those who  are lost in their  thoughts and forget things  are called “Absent minded professor “When we control our thoughts   they would help us reach our goals. Evil thoughts take us to destruction and   debacle. Even meditation gurus tell us not to control our thoughts when we sit for the same.
Our thoughts vary according to the situations and circumstances. We have to encourage and entertain the following fruitful thoughts 
  • Good and noble
  • Positive and optimistic
  • Happy and blissful
  • Kind and gracious
  • Affectionate and affable
  • Loving and lovable
  • Wise and intelligent
  • Courageous and hopeful
  • Vivid and useful

We have to discourage, discard and declutter the wasteful thoughts

  • Bad and undesirable
  • Negative and pessimistic
  • Guilty and cunning
  • Envious and grudging
  • Resentment and hateful
  • Unhappy and melancholy
  • Gruesome and criminal
  • Tough and adamant.
  • Despicable and venomous
  • Nefarious and villainous

Great achievements, inventions wonders, miracles of this world   have occurred due to the birth of a good thought and idea in the minds of great people.

The greatest achievement of mankind: Setting foot  on the moon by Neil Armstrong on July 20th  1969

2 Word

“Silence is golden”. This adage indicates the necessity of using words economically and prudently.  When we give life to our thoughts they become word and we have to be choosy in uttering our words as they shape our destiny.
In the book” Your Word is Your Wand” Florence Scovel Shinn says “Man’s word is his wand filled with magic and power “
 Since they can create wonders and spoil the whole situation.  Be economical and prudent  in the   usage of our words. Otherwise, we have to bear the brunt in the form of our failures. When we form an  idea in our mind, we have to give shape to the same coordinating the words and put up plan to execute the  same. These words depend very much on our lexical expertise. The  more  knowledge power  the better our plan.
To improve control over words  and thier proper usage we follow these tips .                                                                                    
We have to read a lot
We have to listen to great persons talks
We have to discuss with friends a lot and there should be more and more   dialogue.

3 Action

Actions speak louder than words. When we generate an idea and put up a blueprint to this   the final stage is implementation. We should put into action whatever our thoughts and words have formulated. If you see the achievements of great personalities you can fathom that they have processed their troughs and they are put in paper the above process before they   come into   practical stage .

If you see a skyscraper , at first of all one person has got a thought about this . He tells the  others and form a plan. They put up  a scheme to implement the idea and the building is constructed . Similarly if you take great classics and the masterpieces they all have gone through the above ways finally they come into existence..
For this we have to practice and do the necessary homework burning the midnight oil  with a fire in our belly  so that it comes to a complete form.
The tallest building of the world exhiit the perfect scheming and brilliant  execution.


Try a few.Achieve a lot 

The most precious gift of our life is our  sixth sense through which we have the capacity to think, talk and act. Scientists say we use 10% of our brain and if we use the maximum we get  the fullest benefit.    

First of all we think about an idea for the welbeing and cheerfulness of all.  We have to give wings to our imagination and creativity to come out with a plausible and palpable plan. This should be proactive and good to all of us.

Second, we give life to this idea through a writing   using the optimum words to bring out a great picture. The more perfect it is the more possible its implementation.

Third, we have to act on this and get the result as we have desired. Let us put our whole heart to change our dreams into reality.

Whatever problems, difficulties, obstacles and ordeals we encounter in this journey we note down for future reference so that we correct ourselves and do it a better way in the future .

If we strart doing this , our inner buoyancy increases ; Our confidence grows up.Our  brain gets upgraded and thereby  our income becomes doubled.We live a life of bliss and peace, joy and happiness. 


No of pages  220
Published by   Penguin metro reas
Published on  : 18th Septmber 2017
Genre: Fiction Adult Contemporary  Psychological  Thriller

My take

You have three faces 
The first face , you show to the world 
The second face, you show to your close friends
your family
The third face you don’t show to anyone
                                    It’s the truest refelection of who you are                                    

The book starts with the above Japanese proverb

I thank Writersmelon for having sent me the book in exchange of my honest  review.

I have already read Akash Verma’s “A broken man’’   and given my review. This is his second book I have gone through and I am glad to give my review. This book needs compulsive read as it is  timely and come as an eye opener to the present generation. The cast of characters is amazing as  each give their best to run the story in a smooth and gratifying manner. The author’s use of fresh and different language make the book a formidable novel.Indelible characters leave a great impact on us as they oscillate between hope and  desperation.

In this  most incisive and insightful book ,  the author  depicts  a remarkable portrait of working professionals in the corporate world .Interweaving past with the present, he has spun an ingenious and thrilling storyline to make the reading a wonderful experience

The plot

The title You never knowand the subtitle “Sometimes love can drag you through hell”.   indicates the enigma it holds and nothing can be guessed about the story.
There are 30 chapters and each chapter carries the name of the Characters Dhruv, Sid , and Anuradha. They give their stories in the respective chapters, They are told in present tense. The happenings belong to the period from February 2015 –September 2017 .The supporting charecters Rachana Dhruv’s colleague ,Hemant Bhita an MLA contribute a lot to move the social drama. As the plot line is the strong point of the novel I don’t want to touch it. The strong blurb of the book on the backside of the cover gives a gist of the same.

There are three key  characters on whose stories the novel revolves.


Aged 40, the protagonist , he is the senior vice president of C&M , a corporate company  dealing in the media field  ,situated in Gurgaon the Cyber City. Shalini a psychiatrist  is his  wife running a clinic nearby their house. They have got two kids Siya and Kabir. He is waiting for his promotion to branch head.

Sid Mathur

25 years old, the antagonist he is the only son of his parents and he is trying to set up an online market place for all kinds of sports equipment in Delhi. Sid is a drunkard. He wants to mobilize funds for his startup.


A girl working for an advertising company in Gurgaon. She likes Sid and they are loving each other.  She joins  C&M as creative head .

What has transpired among these three persons forms the crux of the story.

The Pro

The luxuriant language would take us to the realm of corporate. The author has chiseled the characters to perfection and we would remember them   for a long time. They are realistic and the happenings are believable .The pace is steady and as the climax nears it is so fast and compelling. You would feel thrilled. Both the concept and execution are wonderful the conversations are formal and a delight to read them. There are subplots and they serve the purposes of joining the main one to give a great picture. When the protagonist unearths the secrets we feel awestruck. Sometimes it is spine-chilling and gives goose pumps.Suspense is maintianed till the end.
My favorite

I admire Anuradha for her boldness and intelligence. In the corporate world with the cosmopolitan backdrop,  where there is male domination she struggles all alone to prove herself. She also makes mistake and pays the price for it.The  author has portrayed her insecurity in a beautiful way.

The following lines attract my attention.

The bear of debt is one of the biggest burdens and can crush anyone.
The ones who are tough in the real world turn soft in their own world
If you share the company of pigs, you eventually become one too.
These days, a mobile phone has become a hub of all activities, an epicenter of all good and bad information.
My verdict

Akash Verma has woven an intriguing tale  in corporate sphere using his experience in the same. The narrative prose  is so fantastic  when I read for the second time I find it fresh and alluring. Not only he has thrown light on the lifestyle and the deterioration of values but also he is cautioning us about the threats facing the present marriage institution.He is enlightening us about the use of  latest technology we get from  mobile, internet, social media,etc  whcih play a pivatol role in  our day to day to life .

Readers who want to read crime thriller would find the book entertaining .Both youngsters and elders should read for the adult themes it carries. Go and buy it. Pamper yourself with a thrill and recommend the book to your near and dear ones.

Both Cover photograph by Shuttershock and Cover design by Meena Rajasekaran are superb.

My rating : 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from Writers melon in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.

Auhtor Akash Verma 

Photo taken from Goodreads