Review of Ramona

No of pages  : 110

Published by : Notion

Published on : September 18 th 2017

Genre: Fiction ,Adult Contemperroy, 

My review 

Manoj V Jain is one of my favorite authors as I have already read his earlier books  The THC :under a Gibbbous moon  and Balraj  and his writig stlye with fresh language and strong plot has astounded me a lot.

As suggested by the author I begin to read this novella after having read Balraj. This fantabulous book relates to the story of a typical Indian woman Ramona at her middle age,  married to Inder. They have got a grown up son Shourya. Set in the year 2015 on the backdrop of Mumbai .The wonderful story goes from the POV of the protagonist  till the end in flashback. 
Manoj V jain, in this page- turning tale has written a gripping, addictive and tautly suspenseful story of  ordeals , trails and insecurity faced  by the woman  in her life. His narrative is so touching , realistic and entertaining.
He has depicted her emotional turmoil with all the struggles and challenges she comes across for no fault on her part  in a lucid language .How she reconciles herself to the reality and seek redemption makes the beautiful part of the story.  
The plot with all the twists and turns , threads along with the subplots into a savvy , intelligent and sensitive tale. The real life characters are so nicely portrayed we can easily relate to them. The impact created in me will linger for a longer time.
Ramona is a well- crafted fiction with a strong message. If you love fiction you would definitely choose this one .It would entertain you with all the vibes  of fiction .It is worth reading as the engrossing storyline takes you to finish the book in one go. Grab it for an easy and quick read. 

My scrore :4/5

Disclaimer :I have given my honest and unbiased review.


You are a living magnet , What you attract into life is in harmony with your dominant thoughts

Brian Tracy .
A single plant can not make a garden. Nobody can live all alone in an island building a fortress  We are all social beings and our happiness success and peace depend on our relationship in the society . Our parents take all the efforts to mold us good citizens and we learn from our  teachers friends ,relatives and the general public . Society is so conscious and alert   about our growth .When we work for the sake of the society it pays back at  equal proportion. Our relationship   with others depend on  so many aspects like our education, financial status  and our influence in the society . We have to develop our social skills to make progress in our life. A little effort to change ourselves to the tune of the society we can make our life a pleasant journey. What we sow that only we can reap . In relationship also if we give love  and  get back the same .

DOGS FREE IMAGE க்கான பட முடிவு
Once I was playing with my per dog Rocky and we were spending our quality time in the evening. I was stroking ,caressing his  face and neck of and suddenly he wailed and tried  to bite me. Then I understood I touched  a  sensitive nerve in the neck which  gave a pain to him. . The positive trigger  has become a negative one.Similarly in real life we do some mistakes that turn   the positive trigger into a negative one. To avoid them  the following  principles can be given weightage and develop knowledge on them.
1.      1  Fathom that everyone one is unique and  everything happens for a reason or purpose.


VARIETY IS SPICE OF  LIFE. In our life , myriad   instances and happenings occur for which we cannot attribute  any reason or purpose.  We have to take  it for granted that our duty is to meet  all the social transactions In a  reasonable smooth manner. This can be easy to say but a lot of patience and wisdom we have to develop to reach a greater level. In my life I have met   so many persons  I  have to deal  with strangers   for one thing or other. It may be temporary or  paramount or it may be small or big one. In the same way we  have to interact with own friends ,acquaintances  relatives and colleagues. Everybody is unique and we have to recognize the individuality. Giving due respect to individuality we have to maintain a balanced approach to avoid any friction and misunderstanding.
2.      2 Give  many positive strokes and avoid negative ones.

GIVE LOVE IMAGE க்கான பட முடிவு

Psychologists   call our  actions and reaction as positive  and negative stokes according to the effects they create. When I meet my buddy and smile  it is a positive stroke. When I get am email from my relative  I respond . Another example for the same.. Wherever there is no response for the stimuli it  is received with a negative effect. When positive stroke enriches our life negative ones act venomous so spoil our relationship resulting in a stressful one. Life is one time affair and we can not say in this life we experiment and learn and live a good life in our next life. What is in store in our life we don’t know. How life has played fairly or unfairly in other   life we are not aware of such things
3 Keep  the wave length at equal level.

In the sea shore we can  observe the waves how they go t o a peak  and come to trough. It shows  only the ups and downs of our life. Whether we want or not we have to maintain an optimum level of wave length with others so that we have a good relationship and social life is peaceful without  chaos and confusion. We have to make it possible by our behavior with genteel approach and coupled with virtues  like truthfulness , frankness, and avoid vices like lies  gossip , backbiting and  eavesdropping etc.
When we develop a positive image about the other person taking into account   his knowledge , experience  there would be the optimum wave length and when we give into the prejudice ,etc. it gives room for creating a wrong wave length resulting in quarrel , argument , attack and counter attacks . There should be a perfect understanding and a certain degree of compassion and leniency towards other person. We should not yield to our instincts and impulses but we have to maintain a good quality of   mindfulness.
If at all our relationship with others are cordial and friendly we can get the maximum out of them. Strained and stressed one may take the toll to make us weak and reduce our energy resulting In creating negative vibes . These three steps can make a mojo to help us lead a happy   , peaceful and successful lie.  

In the virtual world also we bear in mind to spread the language of love and wisdom by our every post and reaction. 





The greatest evils and the worst of crimes is poverty; our first duty, a duty to which every other consideration should be sacrificed, is not to be poor.  - George Bernard Shaw

       God helps those who help themselvesEvery household has got its own unique   fundamentals as  far as its financial quotient is concerned. Based on basic foundation,   all the family members have to make out their strategy and planning to survive in this world with the optimum level of  self-reliance in the money matter. Whatever your position may be or the status you can make it big if you avoid the following mistakes in a not so haphazard   manner.

Cheerful family Portrait royalty-free stock photo

Due to the hustle and bustle of the modern life we omit to chalk out a budget according to our resources and dreams.
A home budget would include the daily expenditures and income , assets and liabilities , our goals in  the form of targets. There are many an App for making a budget and we can use it taking into account the following three Rs

Record:. You have to enter all the financial transactions both current and future
Review : Now and then we have to review the position so as to take stack of the situation so that we can make note of the progress and failure on our part and make necessary correction.
Revise: your budget to suit to your aims and take into account your limitations.Discuss your short term and long term goals. Split them into manageable and achievable small jobs .

This budgeet planning and execution should be performed as a fun game and we should not do it as a stressful one.

savings free image க்கான பட முடிவு

We have to save for the unforeseen circumstances and unexpected situations
The standard formula for the same is as follows
Where there is a will there is a way. Put every month a small amount towards savings and over a period of time it would grow up to help at trying times. Work out the monthly income and expenditure to find out the amount you can save in month. Taking the same as the base amount we can fix a target of 10% addition to the  same . Like this you have to increase the addition so that you could save a sumptuous amount over a period of time. 

You can put money in a box containing various small containers and keep the cash according to your regular heads of expenditure. For example you can put a sum of Rs 10000 for grocery in a container and note down the total expenditure for this category . Like this you can use separate boxes for other categories also. Whatever remains should be tallied with your accounts . This helps us to study the pattern of how and where we the money goes.   

inflation free image க்கான பட முடிவு

Inflation eats away the value of our asset as such we have to plan our investment in such a way to take care of it.Any erosion in the value would result in loss and taking to a lower level 
The follwing three aspects we have to consider when we go for an investment.

1 What about the reruen after taking into account inflation, income tax and other chargees?
2 Whether sufficient care is taken to cover the risk element?
3 Whehter we go by the herd mentality and invest or  have we done our homework and do it on our own ?

All of Your Financial Eggs in One Basket royalty-free stock photo

The very old wise advice to spread out our investments to various category just because our needs would vary according to the time and change in our position. Various types of investment are available in the market to suit your purse and the risk factor . Investing in a single category would be very risky as this would lead to jeopardy of loss in the   event   there is a fall in the value drastically. Suppose you buy a  plot making a huge  investment if there is no appreciation of value you would have to  settle with lesser profit on this .Hence you have to be more vigilant in making investment.
Diversify your investment and derive the maximum benefit. Buy low and sell high should be our mantra in creating our wealth .

half knwledge free image க்கான பட முடிவு

Before making a financial transaction, buying, selling or investing we have to study and make research so that our decision would not take us to a great loss. .At least we should not be carried   away by the ads . Things would be exaggerated and we may feel frustrated afterwards .Without thorough knowledge we may make mistakes in our judgment.


free from debt trap image க்கான பட முடிவு

Once a debtor always debtor .So goes the red signal as far as debt is concerned.  Try to live within your means. If at all you want to get a loan you follow the golden rules.
1.       For a purpose only the loan should be availed.
2.       From a recognized institution you should avail the loan.
3.       Work out the possibility of payment of EMI .
When you use a credit card take into account the following precautionary measures .
1.       Go for those articles or consumer items like gadgets if at all you want to have them in the real sense .
2.       Pay the bill as and when it is due date avoiding  penalty.
3.       Don’t go beyond your capacity.


insurance free image க்கான பட முடிவு
We have to understand that there are many a product which gives us support at the time of our distress. Suppose one of our family falls ill and suffers from chronic disease we can not afford to spend the medical expenditure. So we have to take insurance policies to come to our rescue .Similarly we have to understand the financial  products  and utilize them for our benefit .

Time and tide wait for no one.
Mutual funds investment is a safe one provided you study pros and cons of the fund you have chosen .The brochure on them itself gives a warning about the risk involved  in them. This type of investment gives us an opportunity to earn the passive income and  hence it has to be encouraged.

There are so many Apps to handle this money matter. In the smart phone itself you can download from Google play store . If you punch the data you could get all the tips and tricks to monitor your financial journey. We can get from the internet  all the golden   guidelines and the  fantastic  suggestions for improving our economical status in the society and be financial literate.  

Only an open and eager  mind and echt willingness to learn  are necessary to achieve our  dreams and  stabilize our financial freedom.

There is no shortcut for wealth creation. Only hardwork,discipline,integrity ,sustained efforts  and  prudenence alone  pave way for long term  richness.





No of pages : 198

Published by : Story Mirror info tech (P) ltd

Published on : 2017

Book Links :   Goodreads   Amazon 

Author’s Links:  Amazon 

Cover Rating :   3/5

My take

A sci-fi thriller also belongs to other genre like crime, fantasy ,action and adventure it would sure be a great entertainer.At the same time  as the novel is set in the year 2050 and travels from planet to  Earth it gives a great chance to weave  a wonderful plot.This is what I see when I start to read the book.

The plot

Since the plot is the strength of the book I want to say a few words about it.

Richard Sparks aged 42 is facing a trial for the murder of one of the crew of the ship ‘The Silver Star’.

Rubin Draco,billionaire  ,aged 52 head of Draco industries  in his pursuit of developing his business wants to try with his new thirst Space.

There are so many subplots involving the two MCs and many questions arise about their involvement and when the truths are unravelled we would be astonished. All the power game among the politicians are given and the negotiation between them and the big shots .The involvement of  international organization in  research in the space is discussed. 

There are many characters that contribute to the main plot . The list goes like this.   Mario Grant , Duncan Stewart Officers involved in the mission, Thomson Boer ,Jewel, Robbie, Pramod Muchenda and Natalie.

The Pro

It is an entirely new concept to tell a story about the mission to Jupiter’s Moon namely Europa in the sky.The planning and preparation for the same are given in a beautiful manner. Also the modus operandi  of Draco to  mint money would make you awed .The language is so simple and fantastic, I don’t feel difficult to fathom the events albeit it is a Sci fi.The pace is fast and even .

Women are portrayed in a nice manner.Jewel act adventurously. The upgradation of latest technology as expected to be in the future reflects in the action scenes . Especially the chasing of Rommie by Jewel and after effect shows the advancement in technology. Also the author has given so much significance to describe the places like Taj Mahal using his imagination and creativity.

There are so many twists,turns and traps and the suspense and surprise would engage us definitely.The characters are intelligent and some are cunning and crooked.Their emotions and turmoil are handled to perfection and they impact us to be remembered for a long time.

The climax is unexpected and unpredictable. Clues and cues are there to  guide you . 

The con

The conversations are formal and editing is not good.The font is small .

My verdict

I like the book for the concept and it’s perfect execution.There are humorous situations to tickle us .The events would create goosebumps and at times our adrenaline would shoot up .

Hywel Richard Pinto has penned the thriller with a perfect coherence giving due weightage to details. His story telling skill serves as a sure page turner .He  is becoming our Desi Sydney Sheldon

I recommend this book to fans of sci-fi thriller with  a dose of crime , action  and adventure to give you all the thrilling and chilling sensation.This enjoyable travelogue would entertain you . 

My score : 4/5

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