Review of IMAGINE


No of pages :   272

Published by : Harper Collins Publishers

Published on 2017

Genre :   Non Fiction Guide, Education lifeskills 

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My take

Fabulous… What an adorable book that speaks volumes about the special spaces and wow stories of  children and youth. I  feel happy that I have got the opportunity to read it.

Our children are endearing blessings. The education they get should make them great citizens to become ethical leaders and change makers.

I just reminisce my school and college days.Then I used to always wonder when this rote system would go once for all and replace learning of  .life  oriented skills to face the world and live in this intricate society. 

IMAGINE , the classical  book addresses the importance of learning life skills in a simple, pragmatic way .It has come. at the right time when values are deteriorating.

Dr. Shelja Sen, a mother,  writer and a child and adolescent psychologist  has crafted the book with her own experiences along with references  from various sources in  different countries and books. 

The plan

IMAGINE – the title coaxes us to give wings to our imagination. The cover in the greenery backdrop of branches of trees   and images of the  chirping birds is bequiling.

There are seven chapters and each one carries some subdivisions. The first chapter tells about “We make stories and stories make us”. So many guidelines and tips are available in the book.

Apart from anecdotes and memoirs  from the authoress life there are so many references to the sayings of scholars , great personalities like Mahatma Gandhi ,eminent educationalists  and psychologists.

Every chapter is well formatted to include explanations and descriptions ending with  Dig Deep  on  what we have to do or follow .Some chapters give Reflection  and GPS to make  us to ponder on the most significant points.

This book dives into the children’s  realm and talks about the changes to be made to enrich  the student-teacher relationship and no child left invisible and the schools become emotionally safe spaces for inclusive &creative learning .

Kids will learn what they are ready to learn and not what we are ready to teach.

The book includes facets like Connection, Community, Coach , Care and Commitment.  

There is a recommended reading  page to  enlighten  you more.

The strong blurb ends with the following  words.

It is a game changer that will force us  to reflect , rethink, and redesign schools to ones that our children truly deserve .

The Pro

This impressive guide offers all the insights in the ethical  and  moral context on a subfield of education  that can mould our children to lead their life with compassion, character, critical thinking, courage and collaboration.

Useful links are there to improve our understanding on the subject.There are diagrams to give an explanation.

With exuberance and clarity, Dr Shelja Sen  has used  simple language ,with free flow of powerful words with rhyme and rhythm to  make the reading   astonishing, easy and seamless .

Her splendid  writing  style fizzes with descriptions, metaphors, and stories, taking  us right into the  education system  with flair and enthusiasm.

In this refreshing read IMAGINE, it  is a fascinating journey of  knowing  the minds of the children ,teacher and parents.

At times it seems to be preachy,but in this sort of book it is inevitable.

My favorite

I like the chapter Care- Art of mindful leadership.

Following gems of wisdom  of the authoress attract my attention

Love is a deliberate daily practice.

Teaching is a calling not just a job.

Every child is wired and inspired differently.

I also like the stories of Raghav and Ragini students  the like of whom we can meet in the present student community.

My verdict

Dr Shelja Sen has written from her heart  for the future of   the children   . Her vision to create a different world where children decide their space   reflects in   her passionate writing .

I highly recommend this book to all as it is every penny worth.All readers wanna  read  the interesting and intriguing  book .Especially  students , teachers, parents , counselors, therapists activists thought leaders other change makers should read this book . You can buy the book and give as a gift to your teachers , whoever associated with children in one way other  on special occasions .

In the last page You are invited to participate in the Schools that care and Communities That Care program at Children First .Please visit the following link .

www. Childrenfirstindia . com and support the cause of building a community of concern for children and youth.

Can’t wait to read it.Buy the copy from the link given above.

My score 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received a free copy from the Publisher,  Harpercollins Publishers India in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.


Review of Psychopathic Love Story


No of pages    200

Published by Self Publishing

Published on 2017

Genre Fiction YA Romance Contemperory Psycho 

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My take

Psychopathic Love Story, the   debut novel by   Paul Roshan Silverius Engineering Graduate from Chennai tells the story of Rohan  25 years old ,working as a trainer at Tenventurous Knowledge Solutions (TKS) the protagonist. It starts with the letter addressed to Dia , one of  trainees belonging to his batch.

The plot

Rohan an ultra- modern youth belongs to Chennai , has volunteered   to go on transfer to Hyderabad and love blooms between him and Dia. Faizel, Philips , Neelini and Niresh are his buddies. While Dia is attracted to Rohan because of his jovial character Rohan loves her as she fits her well as his would –be- wife.

All along the story goes with fun and laughter and suddenly it goes sour. Ego interferes and MCs face an unpleasant   situation. What has transpired between them and how the love affair turns sour? What is the role   of their friends  ?  What is the turning point in his life? Read the book   for getting the answers.

The pro 

The author Roshan has woven a nice story based on the lifestyle of the present younger generation whose permanent companion is a Smartphone. They would be going on Texting in Whatsapp, updating on Facebook etc.  Also the narration is through the Whatsapp messages which serve as a novel idea in simple English.  The pace is steady .

The book talks about love, friendship, campus life, job, challenges and heart break .This book deals with the relationship of those youngsters working in BPO companies. The happenings in the company are portrayed   beautifully. The cover   and title are eye catching.

The usual love story with fun and ludicrous events. The plot is tenuous. The language is colloquial .Narrative prose consists of Whatsapp messages and there are so many grammatical   ,typo  editorial mistakes which hamper the reading .

My verdict 

Roshan the author has woven a love story which would definitely entertain the youth belonging to the present generation. Since he is working in a BPO company he could create a credible   setting and characters .Social media platforms Whatsapp and Facebook are helping the story to move on in a sensible manner. Even the “Chits” the internal message system   in office has a role in shaping the tale. He has depicted the emotional turbulence of the MCs nicely. How the internet has made a sea change in the life of the youth in this technology era is nicely given.

This book is meant for all as it deals with the contemporary social media problems, where everyone has got a liking   in one way or other using it according to his whims and fancies Also it carries great messages .This entertaining and heart – warming love story which uncovers bitter truths would instigate them  to make them wonder , introspect and come out with new perception making a great impact.  Parents and elders should also read this to understand pulse of   the present generation. The great message it conveys would touch everyone’s heart.

My score : 3/5

Disclaimer: I thank Writersmelon for having sent me the book in exchange of honest and unbiased review

The Author 

Paul Roshan Silverius

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No of pages    352

Publisher  HarperCollinsPublsihsrs India

Published on October 15 2017

Genre    Fiction Romance Contemporary  Ghost 
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My take
Once in a blue moon I get ghost stories .They are scary, revolving   around, the only motive i.e. revenge.

For the authors also it is like walking on the tight rope   holding a pole  and they need to be attentive   to details   to avoid mockery.

This book A  home for Urvasi a rare entertainer by Sanchali Bhattacharya an electrical engineer  , has come as a great relief  in this mundane, but busy  life. It is a great entertainer to be read in a relaxed manner. It extols the love and affection shown by the ghost to her sister which adds a pleasant flavor .

Since the storyline astounds me I have given a fast read and a second time for giving the review. I find it engrossing and entertaining. Such a wonderful novel.
The cover and title are apt to the story.The blurb is a powerful one to catch the readers attention.
The plot
I DIED THE DAY I was born. This tag line refers to the ghost ,Dulari. Between twin girls abandoned by their mother in the   beach the one survived is Ujjwala and she is the protagonist, Dulari in the form of a spirit is so fond of her sister Ujjwala.She  tells  her story in flashback. 
A well -to- do couple with a son   in Mumbai adopted Ujjwala. In an accident the foster parents  expired and her brother took care of her. He sacrificed his life  for her sake . After completing her Engineering degree, she pursued her  MBA.
Then she joined Karma Electronics and she outperformed her peers to be called the Star employee of the company and the same was published in the staff magazine. Afterwards, she  got a new boss Rituraj.
He used to give more work load and asked her to sit late to finish the job.
What Ritutaj has got to do with Ujjwala’s life and why she is afraid of him? 
Why she has come to Kolkata when Mumbai is her native place?
So many questions arise and the book gives answers to all of them. Apart from these answers there were so many incidents which would keep the reader suspenseful and there are surprises awaiting them.
Dulari  finds out that her sister’s  official life is so demanding and she faces a tough  situation. She wants to help her to get out of such a situation. How as a ghost does she achieve the same ?
 what has happened to her dream?. 

There are thirty five chapters . Sometimes dialogues carry  the story.  So much descriptions and discussions go into the story making it lively and lovely.

The pro
Much of the narrative includes the present and past events and it travels from the  earth to the spirit realm .Crisp narrative doesn’t  lose the warmth at any point of time. The story takes us on a roller coaster ride which runs through various dimensions .

Beginning  with a fast pace It is slow paced in the middle, but fast afterwards. It serves as a big insight on urban relationships. Also it talks about the gender discrimination and the struggles of balancing work life  of working women are beautifully  given.
Sanchali Bhattacharya the authoress has  brought complex characters to life  which touch our heart to the core  as  well crafted , and coated  with all the emotions .  The  sceneries  are realistic which have made me swept  away with excitement .With candor and humour,  she has penned the story which explores the intricacies of sisterhood , friendship ,romance and secrets .
The favorite
There are so many references from  the ancient Indian  epics Ramayana and Mahabharata . The title itself refers to the character in the epic.
Ujjwala and her team  mate visited  Darjeeling , Mirik,  Bhubaneswar and Puri. There are so many things described for the benefit of the travelers. It serves as a mini travelogue within the novel.
I like the way Ujjwala deals with the poor minor girls who are begging and how she helps them to rehabilitate ,  is given nicely She  is a fitting lady for evidence   of woman’s empowerment.
I like the way Dulari , the ghost character is well formed to run the story in a smooth and easy way.
My verdict

This book has enthralled me and I like the concept and its execution. It carries lots of messages for the society.

Authoress Sanchali Bhattacharya has woven riveting   tale with the imaginative prose .The fresh writing style is one of the striking aspect .They keep the tempo and lend authenticity to the happenings . She has done a nice job of teasing the readers conveying the dark secrets of MCs. The sub plots connect in the end as a cohesive whole and lends more credibility to the story.
It is a light but hearty read for all. Especially the metro and urban women find it interesting and for them it is very much relatable. Whoever interested in ghost stories with Mythological backdrop would read it with interest.
Grab the Blockbuster copy and pamper yourself with fun and amusement.

My score : 5/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from Writersmelon in exchange of my honest and unbiased review



PUBLISHED BY : Createsapce Independent Publishing platform  


Genre: Memoir, Tribute Real life stroy 

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My take
I sincerely thank the author Subhrajyoti  Parida a graduate  (BE) and  renowned poet , for having sent me  the book in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.
My Mother A TRIBUTE OF YEARNING SON is a book crafted  by the author, a beloved son as a memorable and everlasting tribute to his Dear Mom with utmost dedication and determination.
The plan
The cover holds the picture of the author’s MOM and the title gives a clear indication of the tribute as given below
To the pain I endure
To the loss I yearn
To the memories I cherish
To the person I love the MOST
My dearest Mom
With this, the book starts and there are testimonials  of some of the prominent reviewers .  Forward by Chitra Lele  and Swapna Behera  great  authors include the following sentences respectfully.
This family memoir of love and loss is both heartbreaking and valiant.
The cosmic journey of a soul in its own socio cultural background is well described.
Mother – etymology and across languages gives the terminologies for the word Mother.
The book goes to the day his Mom, a diabetic  got admitted in a hospital for a physical disorder. The diagnosis indicated she suffered from Common Bile Duct Cancer in   an advanced stage. In the meantime, his father’s elder sister had collapsed and got admitted in the same hospital. Since her condition has worsened and all the support systems were removed and she died.
His  Mom’s condition also deteriorated and expired  suddenly. He and his family members were in anguish.They  arranged for the last journey of his MOM  and  discharge of  their duty with elaborate rites and rituals. The later part of the book deals with the various pujas and other   formalities as per Hindu religion   so that the  departed soul reaches  the other world peacefully.
My perception
This emotional sojourn  undertaken by the author’ has covered all the ordeals and sad experiences . Unable to  face the reality  ,the support to extend to his family members he maintained his composure. He has  poured out his heart to the rest of the world through this book.  The void created by the demise of his Mom  who loved her family with unconditional love  ,nobody can fill the same.
There is a mention about the Brahma Kumaris a global non profit organisation .His father has associated himself with the same which has bestowed upon him unparalleled spiritual knowledge.  .

 The author Subraghjyoti  Parida has woven a detailed anecdote involving the demise of his  Dear Mom giving maximum details and he has added some of his poems at the end in praise of his Mom and Mother land . 

The Author’s literary flair reflects in his poems .To cite a few examples I give below the following stanzas which have touched my heart .
To all the mothers
She weeps secretly sometimes
for she is after all  a Mother – soft and delicate from inside
She too stays strong and tough
for her child has to learn lessons of life
True son & Daughter of the Mother.
for we are born to fight till we breathe our last
for we are born to last as long as we can fight.
Missing Motherland
Mother , dear Mother
how much i craved for you
for i longed for your love
and the sweet aroma your water and air
The drawings match with the narrative prose,.

Afterword by S. Nilakanta Siva Retired Nuclear scientist  asks the doctors  to convert the “I, cancer” to “I  can. Sir”

All can read this book and it would make an impact in you. It glorifies the love between a mother and son.
My score   5/5
Disclaimer; I have received the book from the author through Kalamos Literary Services and I have given my honest and unbiased review

The Author

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Review of It Happens


No of pages   : 166

Publisher :  Notion  prress .com 

Published on : 20 th September 2017

Genre : Fiction Roamnce Contemperory

My take

I thank Writers melon for having sent me the book for my review.

Romance between a youth   and an elderly woman will be usually a part of the story   This novel  takes it a crux and discusses in an elaborate   manner. In the present internet era  where both boys and girls work together, some of them may  fall in love and  they tackle the challenge of making it successful as there would be opposition from different angles. Especially when it clashes with the social norms the emotional struggles of the lovers need not be underestimated. 

The plot

I have felt  allured  by the eye-catching title as well as exotic cover. The image of one man standing with   two women gives us a hint about the triangle love affair.

The book has got 18 chapters with apt captions. Gautam, aged 25 working in an international bank in  Mumbai is living with his  parents. Rohit is his buddy working in the same bank. Roshini aged 37, who has lost her parents living all alone is also working  along with them  as a Senior Vice President . 

Gautam begins to love her as he finds her attractive, independent and smart. Roshini also loves   Gautam and they decide to marry. Due to the age difference they hesitate and brood a lot before coming to a decision .

The strong blurb puts  the following  questions to us;

Will two smart professionals make a mistake by doing so ?

Or  will they listen to their logical senses art the last moment to avert what may be the biggest blunder of their lives?

We have to read the book to find the answers.

The Pro

  The  romantic tale sets at Mumbai  in the backdrop of corporate realm where the highly qualified professionals try to put all their skill and knowledge  to come up in their professional life. It deals with  fun as well as the ordeals they encounter. The atmosphere of free mingling  of girls and boys, developing friendship  has given the author   all the opportunity  to weave  an unostentatious drama . Despite  the controversial nature of the concept he has taken all the efforts to put  a neat story.

The con

As I start to read the book  the humorous situations make me laugh a lot. Then  the book  goes on a serious note .Some more strong sub plots would have strengthened the main plot.  Also I  feel apart from the Mcs others contribute only a little including   Gautam’ parents . 

My favorite.

I find Rohit   mischievous and fun loving . I admire Richa as she fits in her sister role in a nice way.

The following words of wisdom have caught my attention

Marriage is all about companionship.

That is why the heart falls in love, and not the brain.

One good act done today always came back to you by karma   and so did a bad act.

 The story   revolves around youngsters of  the present generation where they  have got exposure to so many new facets  which  the older generation has never come across they could  relate to the happenings as well as characters   easily. Also the events in the corporate world  are given in a fantastic  manner so that  you can visualize them .

I also like the episode involving Gautam and Payal, his teammate when they go to Singapore on a new assignment.

My verdict.

Karan Sharma has done a great job in giving his debut novel. I must compliment him for his seamless narrative depicting the pulse of the   professionals belonging to the present generation   even though he is  a business man.   

The   fresh language , even pace ,precise descriptions and lively dialogues  have hooked me and I have   enjoyed  this emotional roller coaster entertainer.

Readers who are fans of romance novels would definitely find it worth reading as it is   an easy and quick read. I recommend this heart warming book to all especially those  who want to read about an youngster loving an  older lady.  

My score :    4/5

Disclaimer: I have received the book from Writersmelon in exchange of my unbiased and honest reveiw 


Karan Sharma