Books and windows are one and the same


A book can embellish our life with wisdom

Wisdom would mould our mind and heart

Heart wins where the wit gives disappointment

Disappointment is not permanent but temporary

Temporary problems vanish like air bubbles

Bubbles declare life is too short to entertain worries

Worries eat you like a demon and you should not heed

Heed to pleasant sceneries and happy occurances

Ocuurences delight you to next level if you give weightage

Weightage you should give to your blessings and not curses

Curses put you down to the degree of dispair and disappointment

Disappointment you ignore like a stain on your dress that vanishes on cleaning

Cleaning yourself makes you a full man with maturity

Maturity is you accept pain and pleasure in equal manner

Manner is you give respect to all without difference

Difference in our views flaunt our egos in thier nakedness


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