Riveting rainbow

Rainbow appears on rainy time

Adoring the sky with aim

To give a great visual treat

Assuring a definite heart beat

Seven colors in equal measure

Give us all the pleasure

Lasting for a small period

Like the mesmerizing mermaid

It is the gift of nature

with a look ever mature

Envisaging loveliness in it’s beuty

To remind us our duty

It is visible to all our eyes

As pristine as the water ice

Giving the message of unconditional love

To be followed by us like a dove


Life is short Love is great

wp-15192227477941143216784.jpgFragrance of flowers won’t we inhale?

Inhale it is Intoxicating our mind

Mind feels inebriated for seconds

Seconds give way for hours and days

Like shadow they vanish in to the air

Air we breathe should be good

Good we plant trees everywhere

Everywhere the greenery is a treat for eyes

Heart  look for tranquility and pleasantness

Pleasantness is a great blessing to all

All  should care to share  with others

Others face ups and downs equally

Rain and sun shine are natural

Natural we see day and night

Night the  moon alters  to growth

Growth and diminition happen   every fortnight




Nature’s nourishment

Nature assures us many a gift

Gift yourself a happy life

Life is nothing but a celebration

Celebration is to be full of joy

Joy and happiness lifts your spirit

Spirit guarantees hope and success

Success awaits those who always plan

Plan so that you don’t meet failure

Failure may hamper your progress

Progress depends on our goals.

Goals are a must for our motivation

Motivation gives a boost to efforts

Efforts and endevours give good result

Result leads to novel ideas and new ideas

Ideas are born from a calm mind

Mind your mood and attitude positive