Review of AGE OF AZMOQ


No of pages      481

Published by    Self

Publishd on January 14th 2018

Genre   Epic Fiction Acton Adventure Mythology

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My take

Rajamayyoor Sharma’s AGE OF AZMOQ,The Valantian Imperium  is a fascinating epic fiction of fantasy, magic and sorcery.It is  full of mind boggling actions and adventures that can engage us with all the entertainment of mythology and politics.

When enter into the awe-inspiring realms of people with godly powers, super life-threatening weapons living in the ancient era through this epic fiction, I am flabbergasted by the beautiful  tale of fun  and wonder. The magnificent happenings with all the war related strategies  and unbelievable events hold me to expect more when it ends.

The plot

As the concise blurb talks highly about Azmoq the rarest and most coveted metal on the planet, the book discusses and describes about the same in an elaborate way. The book starts with a Prologue and there are seven sections and 48 chapters ending with Epilogue and Appendix.

The protagonist Devrath, a youth  living in the village of Villasboro is working in a shop. From his POV the story is told  from the date he is asked by his master Forresgrim to  inquire about a stranger who is staying there for one and half year. There begins the quest which leads to myriad revelations of truths buried for a long time,also the unfurling of secrets so shocking and surprising and the resultant battles leaving many dead and some come out with a  victory.

The pro

The storyline is the page turner.Subplots are there to give all the twists and turns. Both title and subtitle are fitting ones for the epic history  genre.A cast of indelible and unforgettable characters perfectly placed  among the ferocious struggles and  challenges it delivers a world that leave readers desperate for more.

 This historical novel set  in   various periods,  including the sixteenth century  at  various locations that raises questions about science,  language and is an evocative and enthralling novel of the most tumultuous era in history talking about legends combinig social insights  , vivid historical atmosphere and melodrama .

Both concept and execution are impeccable.An interesting saga that should appeal to a cross section of fantasy fans. It is gruesome but not dreadful .It is philosophical but not preachy and intricate but not baffling.

Characters are realistic, There are some ruthless  guys but there are good people in the majority.The fantastic lyrical language catches my eyes.The map , pictures and appendix are really helpful in grasping the story.Also notes given about the  monetary system,horses and prisoner’s dilemma are informative.

The cover art by Teodora Chinde and Tiffany Munro and the artwork by Tiffany Munro, Maksim Kuznetsov and Janri are enticing.

What I feel

The small font strains my eyes. Editing is to be groomed as grammar, spelling and typo errors have crept in.There are a plethora  of characters and I cannot remember all .

My favorite

Devrath is ignorant and Innocent and his actions make me laugh. His love for fellow beings astonish me.

 Flora’s dedication to her job as a phycian is amazing.Kazena’s shrewdness is superb.Both the episodes involving entrance to another.s mind , and utilization of coffins to get into the domain of The Valantian Imperium.

My verdict

I love everything about the book. A  non stop, unputtowanable thriller  by a stunning voice in epic fiction. For me, it is an evocative and enthralling novel of the most tumultuous  era in history

Fans  of fantasy can await many more from the author which  is a nice perk why he is awesome. This is   part 1 I eagerly await the next work.

Prepare yourself for an epic journey of awful delight  and unsurpassed wonder.Epic wielders would delight you.It is a classic masterpiece acceptable by all generations.

I recommend this book to all epic fans and others also will enjoy it equally.

My score   5/5

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Author  Rajamayyoor Sharma 

Taken from Goodreads


Save water; save the globe

Water scarcity has become the order of the day ;If left unattended this problem would become a great threat to our survival.We see girls and ladies walk a long distance to fetch some pots of water which is available in  small quantity.This happens in rural and remote areas where there is no proper water management  mechanism.If you take cities the scenery is entirely different . Here people buy water and commercial establishment and restaurants depend external sources for the same. The major junk of their expenditure goes to water . In a day every one needs for his personal purpose a certain quantity of water and where there is scarcity to manage the same we have to take  necessary precautions . 
 Significant  steps in water saving

Understanding the necessity of water paves way for solving this problem. Every day in the morning we have to take one tumbler water after getting up from the bed and brush our teeth. This would remove the toxic elements accumulated in our body. Similarly we have to take eight tumblers of water during a day to keep good health. During the summer we have to consume more water to avoid dehydration. To avoid water prone diseases we have to drink pure water.

Prevention is better than cure.

Before going deep in to the problem of water scarcity we have to take so many corrective and precautionary measures . First of all we should understand that we are wasting water in so many ways. To cite a simple example in the olden  days we use utensil to wash our face and body. But today wherever we see there are taps and we open them from which water pours in large quantity.

 This should be discouraged and we have to switch over to old methods.

Recycling of waste water.

We have to look out methods to utilize the waster water so that water is saved a large extent. Special water treatment plants are to be installed to purify the water . Waste water that goes to garden is not advisable as the presence of chemicals  spoils the plants.

Rain water harvesting should be taught at school level to make an awareness among  the children.Nowadays the  ponds which we use to have in our towns and cities are closed and the number of such ponds has drastically reduced . This is a bad sign. When there is rain  the water is going to the sea . To avoid this at least the existing ponds should be deepened and cleaned . Further closure of ponds should be avoided.

Minimize water usage and maximize water saving 
Water is an essential element not only for us but also animals and plantations. In the larger interest of the society   w have to plan for connecting the rivers. The monsoon may fail sometime. At times there would be flood . But if there is no proper water management programming we have to face the water scarcity which may hamper our progress and it may pose a great threat to our existence.   

  I signed the petition to save water, and I encourage you to do the same.



No of pages :  160

Published by : Harpercollins Publishers India

Published on : 2018

Genre : Non Fiction selfhelp Parenting Tips

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My review 

Rudimentarily geared toward dads ONE MINUTE SUPER DAD   is an excellent handbook for every father who wants to ensure a heavenly  future to his progeny.
This wonderful  volume by Dr Prashant  Jindal, Foreword by Raymond Aaron   imparts crucial and  critical lessons  to shape and improve the quality of the children’s life . Drawing  from his  own experiences, research, and studies along with the sayings of many a motivational teachers   and coaches like Tony Robbins.
99 Magic moments  are put  into logical sections concerning broad areas: Necessities , life  principles, and practical tips.  . Each moment deals with the advices as well as suggestions. Occasionally, the author has supplemented   the Magic   with pictures with amazing texts to highlight  and reinforce them.

The magic  themselves are  adorable and actionable. For example, Magic 55  coaxes the father to create a collection of photos of his family and children that they can all enjoy seeing together now and then.
There are 11 chapters each one captioned .  The first one – Why is a Super Dad is so Crucial Today?

My favorite is Music: Nutrient of Mind and Body.

The following nuggets of wisdom from the book have touched my heart.

A high self-worth is the ultimate gift that parents can give to their child, which in turn would prove mutually rewarding.

Parenting is a skill that can be acquired, honed and nurtured , one that needs some self discipline too, as there is a tender mind observing it all.
Hug your child every day and say ,’You are my most precious thing in the world”. After all , a hug a day keeps the psychiatrist away.
The title , subtitle  are fantabulous.  The bold letters, seamless language , fantastic narrative prose and the references from well acclaimed authors and speakers make the reading an effortless and engaging one.

The cover design by Rashmi Gupta is brilliant. 
I recommend this book to all dads , and moms to understand the role of the fathers. On special occasions this book should  be given as  a gift. It would change dads totally .
As the proceeds of the sale of the book is going to charitable cause your single investment in the book would give you double benefits.
Albeit  two hours are  sufficient for reading the book I suggest this book should take a place in your shelf to be taken frequently to reread it and savor the pearls of wisdom .

My score 4/5

Disclaimer: I have reeived the copy of the book free from Writersmelon and  this is my honest and unbiased review.  

Review of Khoobsurat Unlimited


No of pages :  179

Published by :  Power Publishers

Published on  : 2017

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Genre: YA Fiction Contemperroy Corporate Thriller

My review 

A taut and twisting novella  KHOOBSURAT  UNLIMITED , MONEY MISTAKES MEN is revolving around   survival amidst of cut throat competitions ,ambition , bond within the family , breakup  pain, lust  and sex in the back drop of corporate realm. It pivots on happenings in the life of the highly placed professionals called as  super women   in their  personal and professional relationships in a ludicrous and echt  light .Both the title and subtitle are beguiling .
I couldn’t put this book down and now that I have finished it, I am thinking I will read it again and recommend to my friends. So much of this book resonated with me.  I like the way the social drama unfurls.

The book tells the story of highly qualified and well experienced executives  associated with Khoobssurat Unlimted Pvt ltd ,a big established corporate cosmetic  company situated at Noida near New Delhi. Shilpa Arora  ,41 year old  CEO and her husband  Rakesh CFO are living with her daughter Anu. Varsha is the sales manager and she is married to Gauravdeep.

Since Nitin Bharadwa Ex Marketing Director has resigned and joined  Surya Cosmetics their rival  group , Shilpa wants to appoint Karen half -Indian and half -American who has got the best  record to join the company as they are going  to launch new products and list their company in the Stock market.

Matt an American is the Research and Marketing Manager.

After joining the company Karen is given a period of eleven months to prove herself so that her term would be extended .

Has she achieved the target?

What are the hurdles and bad experiences she encountered  during this journey?

Whether they could launch the products as promised to the shareholders?

As the tale progresses so many questions arise and you have to read the book for the answers.

I like the following  wisdom on life in the book.

When we were growing up , we have expectations from life. as we grow older , life has expectations from us.
I admire the steps Shilpa takes to protect her daughter Anu, by getting an electronic gadget from Japan which helps her to monitor her movements.

Karen’s courage to take up a challenging role in India astounds me. I am sympathetic about Shila as she goes through a trajectory of defeat .I hate Gaurabdeep for his rapacity as he wants to make money by hook or crook.

The climax is a fitting  one unexpected and surprising. 

The Authoress has penned the story to keep the suspense till the end and this would give goose bumps to readers.

It is  a nicely crafted  story that blends romance, conflict, betrayal , greediness and societal values without overwhelming the reader with any of these angles.

The writer’s style is strong and concise .

Cover design by Swarnava Bera is superb.

Dialogue and feelings are well-thought out  and I could easily picture the  occurrences.

The font is medium and the book lengthy without enough  space in between. Otherwise the number of  pages would go up to 280.

Everyone would like the language with the gripping narrative and the pace is stable .The plot is conceptualized well and executed in a meticulous careful manner.

The target readers are urban matured youth  and old who can relate the story easily as they hear lots about corporate life and also  the book deals with sexual exploitation, infidelity, extramarital affair,  gayness , breakup and divorce .

This tale instigates an interest in you from the beginning and  reading this pleasant, heartfelt book  will leave you uplifted at the end! It is well-worth the read.
Fully developed characters take the readers to their world.

I recommend this book to all especially those who have got interest in fiction on corporate thriller.

Kudos to the Authoress Ansika Sony on  her debut novel for this immersive story that would 

 tug at every reader’s heart.

Authoress can be contacted at

Disclaimer  I  am a Goodreads giveaway winner of the book and this is my honest and unbiased review.

Review of The Temple Bar Woman

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My take

Amazing and absolutely glorious……..

I am in a dilemma after reading the blurb. Before going to the dissection of it, I want to  say that I have got mesmerized by the storyline . There is not   a flip flop from past to present, but an even flow which makes the reading seamless. I finished it in two days thanks to the fast-paced, engaging plot , beautiful language and interesting characters.

Sujata Parashar a polular Indian novelist  creates  immaculate prose in quality . She has written 7  books including poetry series and a  short- story collections . Her writing is dainty including all the  vibes .

Her new novel THE TEMPLE BAR WOMAN , A Tale of danger, deceit , and daring  is as powerful as anything she has penned With a contained fury, fiction in the service of polemic.

The plot

           The book starts with  CAST  in a tabular form carrying the characters and their role. It is mainly the MCs we come across in the book. Following the Prologue there are three sections containing totally  35 chapters.

         The social drama opens at Village Anhoni, Agria Pradesh February 1999 . Radha the only daughter of Krishna Kant Chaudhary founder and principal ofEklavya Mahyamik Vidyalaya (EMV)  is a teacher in the same school .
      She plans to enjoy the weekend at a Satrangi Mela going on in the village along with Seema her childhood friend.

There she has a  quarrel with a man as he has hit her going without apology. She raises her hand and slaps him hard across his face. The man happens to be Vikram Pratap Singh, son of Bharat Singh head of Jan sakthi party (JSP).

Provoked by the humiliation  in the public view he has taken it very  personal and tried to teach her a lesson along with his buddies Shekar and Manu.They kidnap her and the sexual attack by them leaves her grievously injured.She slips in to unconsciousness.

What has happened afterwards makes Radha’s trajectory of destiny takes a U turn. The rest of the story talks about her ordeals and efforts to make the revenge.

The pro

Both title and subtitle are nice. There are so many knots beautifully spun by the authoress to make the reading dulcet. The plot flows perfectly characters are incredibly realistic.

 The Authoress  has painted a horrifying picture of rape recovery and revenge.

 She has got  a crisp writing style with multilayered stories and firm grasp on plot.
The ending has surprised me.

The concept revolves around the rape and revenge formula and it turns to the political field. It speaks a lot about the pathetic   condition of sex workers and their problems .

There is also talk  about politics and the same is projected in a positive note through   Rakshit Singh . It is a great solace to meet such people amidst of corrupt and selfish politicians.

Characterisation  is superb. I like Krishna Kant Radha’s father, Mala Habiba Khan,s maidservant and Neer Rakshit Singh’s eight year old daughter.

 There are sentiments  sprinkled to break the tension which builds slowly throughout the book.

My favorite

I admire the main protagonist Radha for all her boldness and intelligence coupled with wisdom. Also I astonish  the administrative prowess of Habiba Khan who is running the Temple Bar . The love story of Jumki and Arif Khan comes as a relief to  melodrama .
The following revelations as far as the sex workers are concerned would melt anybody’s   heart.

She may live but her life is over . (As uttered by Habiba about Radha.)

She is a kothe-waali and women  like her don’t have a past or future , only the present.

These hapless and vulnerable women who landed in such  places had to struggle for even their most basic rights.

Also I like the all Fridays  as Ride-A-Bike  concept to ease out traffic.
Cover by The Book Bakers is excellent. 

What I feel

Radah wants to take revenge against the main culprit only .
 Two of his accomplices Shekar and Manu are also equally  punishable.

After recovering from her traumatic experience  and becoming a politician she seems to forget her village, the school  and her childhood friend Seema. The villagers  are very fond of her  and her father.

My verdict

This is a helluva book for those who believe in feminism. It has enthralled me with all the entertainment elements and enlightenment about  both the realms of sex workers as well as the politicians  .

Right from the start, the narrative is skillfully interlaced with its ugly aftermath, as if to show how a crime contains consequences within it – seeds of the fury .

The authoress has done all the justification to present a fantastic book and it may lead to so much dialogue and discussions.

I recommend this book to all .

My score    5/5

Disclaimer: I thank Writersmelon for having sent me the book  free in exchange of  my honest and unbiased review