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Book review: And So Can You by Dr Roopleen, stories of 17 successful doctors

No of pages: 262

Published by: Power pulishers

Published on:  February 2018

Genre: Non fiction Self help

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My take

A chronicle of stories of successful  doctors in an engaging  and entertaining resource for doctors and medical students.

A motivational counselor ,speaker and super-specialist eye surgeon Dr.Roopleen writes the inspiring stories of  17  successful Indian doctors in her book  ” And SO can You A BOOK EVERY DOCTOR AND MEDICAL STUDENT MUST READ” .  It benefits  the doctors and medical students to get themselves motivated and committed to achieve their dreams.  The  messages  driven  through this book would pave a way  to the realistic and pragmatic approach to become a great successful  doctor ..

The authoress says how they have become so great  against all the odds and by following their steps how you can assure yourself a  fulfilling and rewarding professional  life.

The plan

With a   beautiful forward from DR Shirish Daftary MD  followed by a preface and an informative introduction  the book has got 17 chapters each one carrying  the story of a doctor with a suitable caption like TENACITY , RESILENCE and NEVER SAY DIE. 

Each chapter  the story starts   as an infant   and moves to school and college days till reaching a highest level in the ladder of his/her career.. The authoress has narrated the struggles , setbacks, surprises  and successes met by the doctor in his/her  journey.
She has asked them the following  questions and the answers are included in the book
Was medicine  is his calling?
What is the definition of success?
Does he ever regret being a doctor?

The Pro

The  title and subtitles are eye catching.The  cover design in the reddish background with a stethoscope  for the letter Y is astounding .
The blurb highlights the significance of 17 inspirational success  stories.

All the 17 doctors have got a great story to tell and I like all of them. Every one has got opportunities as well as threats . All have become world famous by sheer hard work and they stand as models to the present generation belong to medical world.It is heartwarming  to note the support of their parents and heartening to learn about how they become victims of departmental politics and foul play.  

I like the seamless and captivating language of Dr. Roopleen. Exploring and explaining the unexpected and inevitable situations of failure and disappointment  and accolades and laurels   doctors come across   at various junctures she has made the reading a benign experience. 

The nuggets of wisdom in the form of advice and takeaway at the end  of the chapter would help all young and aspiring doctors at the times of turbulence and jubilance.

My favorite

I find the following quotes of the doctors which  sound inspiring. 

Each day is a new opportunity to excel  

Keep challenging yourself  
You are lucky to be in a profession , where you are emotionally rewarded each time you treat a patient well.    

Best advice : Knowledge is for sharing Pass it forward. 

Takeaway : Be grounded and remain humble. Let your work do the talking. 
What I feel

This book relates to  the doctors and medical students .But any lay man can fathom the messages the authoress wants to convey through this book.Such a direct and simple manner she has handled the subject. The medical terms used when  the doctors want to pursue Super speciality courses require small explanation in the footnotes for the understanding  by others.    

My verdict 

I find the book  awesome and  engaging one. Dr  Roopleen has penned a highly motivating book.I eagerly await her next book.

I wish the readers , doctors and medical students would like it for all the  inspiring stories of contemporary doctors and get invigorated  to dream big and achieve a lot.

This book is capable of making a change of mind set and leave a great impact to alter your life  to the brightest path.   

Don’t wait and grab the copy immediatley.

My score 5/5

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NO OF PAGES :  482






My take
I Thank Kevin  Mussel for having sent me this  wonderful book as a review copy.

 This    stronger epic fictional fantasy novel  efficiently connects  its many threads of bravery and betrayal , it turns to be  powerful   write from   page to page,involving  character to character with conflicts and comprmises. . Kevin  has got a  skill to weave a great stroy of great wariors and battles, and this very good job  suggests the potential  for many more books in the same line of this genre.

A messily majestic  narrative with many turns and twists  and with  too much details  about political and social events to make the reading rollercoaster ride for the readers. . Fans of puzzling, epic  sagas will enjoy the layered language , with pacy  fiction suitablefor all. 

Kevin  displays a real knack for keeping  lifelike, original characters from the Hindu mythiologiies at the backdrop of anceiet period where Gods live along with humans and the MCs are having supernarural powers.Readers who enjoy getting quite literally lost in interconnected stories and drilled-down character studies will happily buckle up for the ride.

Dharmayoddha KALKI  is everything you could want in a epic novel – an universal  saga, a mystery  that spans  history, a scalpel cut through . funny, heartbreaking, tremendous happenings in the life of Kalkihari  the protoganist belongs to the village of Shaambala and others . Kevins  intelligence and writer in him  radiates off every page.

This thrilling literary novel will resonate, long after the final page is turned.

Kevin Missal  is a writer of deeply impressive imagination and brilliant execution who takes such an ambitious and convincing bite of the realm of a Hindu God.

“I adore this book for all its greatness  and awe it creates in our mind.
I  recommend to all epic fans.and have a great time full of fun and wonder.

My score:4/5

Disclaimer: I have received a free copy of the book in exchange of my honest and unbiased review. I have NOT obtained any monetary benefit for the same.



People go to the foreign countries  on various grounds the primary  ones being the pursuit of higher studies and in search of a job.It would be the dream of many youngsters , They  can get an internship, scholarship and good education If we want to explore the world and realize our full potential we have to put all the efforts to pass through a good English test and it is nothing but PTE that would pave way for your progress and success in your career and life.

It would help you with not only for sight seeing but also to soak  our time full of fun and wonder.

Since English is a unique language acting like a bridge connecting the continents and spoken by the people in the nook and corner of the world  ,It is better we ace the PTE test so that we may find it easy to get the visa,finish all the formalities and our stay would be seamless and a pleasant one. To master English we have to undertake  the following guidelines.

1.Read a lot.

We have to read classic written by acclaimed authors. You have to study  the works of

Jane Austen

William Shakespeare

Charles Dickens

Sherlock Holmes

George Elliot

And poets like

William Wordsworth

John Keats

Rabindranath Tagore

2 Learn grammar

we have to study Wren  &Martin.

Apart from that one has to study the Editorial pages of dailies which give information as well as an idea about Good English

3 Listen to speeches of great leaders which we can download from the internet.

To master the language the following three elements are significant,

1.Your lexical base.


3.Usage of good English.

The first and the foremost prudent move to prepare ourselves we have to take the PTE test as it works as a wand to our entry and stays in the foreign country a  peaceful and joyful one

Self study is as bad as self medication

When I joined the school my father was very particular I got admission in English medium school. But due to transfer, We settled in a village where there is no English medium school fortunately, I got an English teacher who taught me right from handwriting to good English.Then I realized the importance of studying the language through a master.The self-study may improve your quality of language but to get the benefit your struggle you have to seek the help and guidance of a coach.That is where this PTE program comes into the picture. This program takes you to the higher level and you would feel yourself special among your peers and friends,



Without knowledge of the language, we may not be able to solve even the smallest problem.  My father used to tell to get a prize you have to pay the price. Our efforts would get the result if at all we make necessary effort and our endeavor  decides our prize.. The worthiness of prize depends on the price we are ready to pay in the form of our mental and physical work , the sacrifices we are ready to make  the planning and preparation to the perfect manner.

Be a Roman when you are in Rome

Nowadays going abroad is not a difficult one as well as not an easy one. So many rules are framed due to security reasons.But you have to equip yourself with all the necessary safeguards and take precautionary measures as well as knowledge about the country you visit.

. When we go to another country right from culture to law everything differs and we would depend on others to get the information about reaching a place  and ordering for food in a restaurant.There are so many touts ready to take advantage of our ignorance and misguide us for their benefit.If we happen to fall a victim to such a bogus person we may land up with difficult situations.For example One who is  not so serious about the English language has gone to a foreign country and owing to the lack of knowledge of the language he has met with myriad problems. He has spent his days without social life due to less  confidence .Even though he is well versed in his technical line his communication weakness give him many problems. Ultimately he falls sick without sleep and he has to come  back to his country empty handed. .hence it becomes imperative  to build up knowledge of English so as to avoid hurdles and obstacles we may encounter before we take a journey to a foreign country. Once you learn the language and your communication skill is well established you can survive any storm and manage yourself.

PTE center has got the state of art technology and bolstered by the most committed and qualified faculty members. The academy has got fool proof system and procedure to make the test not only worth but also a stepping stone to make our foreign journey a great success.

The beauty of the test is that we can attempt it through online as such we need not bother about any problem which may arise when we make the manual exam.  As it is not a time-consuming affair we can attempt at our own pace and it is very much reliable as the following universities accept this test and give validity,

This academic center is equipped with all the facility and technology to conduct the prestigious test and this test is acknowledged by a lot of universities.It has produced any number of successful candidates who outshine in their respective fields.They have got an edge over others by virtue of their success in the English test.Survival of the fittest works in any environment and it applies to foreign countries also. Even we find who go to abroad meet troubles as they are unaware of local rules and regulations.Take for example the traffic rules. It may differ and if you are not aware of it you would be in the soup. Elders who go abroad at the request of the wards won’t go out fearing that they may have to interact with the local people for which they are not prepared.The accent and dialect may look so add and peculiar to them they can not fathom what the other person talks. Therefore they lock themselves in the house as though they are house arrested

This programme is a boon to all who aspire for a foreign trip the purpose may differ.It is the stepping stone for a smooth sailing in the foreign country.

PTE Academic takes care of the pre and post test process in such a seamless manner no person would put into any inconvenience and hassle free approach  is its plus point.

Umpteen number of universities spread over the whole world have recognized this PTE program

I give below the names of five universities .

The following international universities recognize  this PTE test.

  1. Australian  National University
  1. British Columbia Institute of technology

3.European school of Management and Technology

  1. Florida Atlantic University (U)
  1. St Petersburg State University the

Worldwide there are Pearson  PTE Academic  test centres  located in more than 50 countries.



37832664NO OF PAGES  :  190








Arun Kumar’s MADE OF STARDUSST  A PURSUIT OF LOVE , LIBERTY, AND LIFE   a novella talks about the lives of  four individuals  Eleena, Ramesh, Mithhulia and Anuj s .
Elene ,an engineering graduate has settled in  well- paying job. She is so fond of her grandmother she visits her village at the week end and spends time with her. Her parents want  her to get married .
Ramesh meets Vidya from Delhi and thy are in love. After his graduation he gets a placement with an IT   company. His parents are looking for a    girl suitable for him .
Mithila a chief consultant in the steel industry aged 35 and she meets Radhika a 23 year old intern . They visit  a plant situated n a remote town of North-East India. to develop strategies to solve its  problem.
Anuj works in the CSR wing of an FMGG company m Mumbai.. He goes to Auroville , a small township in Union Territory Pondicherry to study about  meditation namely Vipassana. He is in love with Alia .
The book deals with their happiness as well as pain , their fate and relationship with their parents. Their anxious moments in their respective  profession are widely discussed.
The beauty of the tale is that the author has chosen the MCs all educated highly placed professionals in the urban backdrop very much contemporary and at the verge of getting married. At this vulnerable stage they take to  many a good activities  in spending their time..
 I am happy to read about the fondness of  Elene towards her  grandmother Anne
Mithila childhood days could melt our   heart.. Her desire to adopt a girl child is a good idea.
The great  solace in reading this book is  it  talks about the youth touching the good aspects of life. Like social service , attending meditation classes for relieving stress. . The story is neat and soul centric many times  conveying several messages.
The tittle and sub tittle are good. Cover design by Hammad is  nice.
I like the author Arun’s definition of love
One is in love when she is ready to prioritize her partner’s needs over hers.
What i feel is that there is no depth  in this social drama and the plot is   thin and events are   predictable The language is   poetic, some times mundane. .Editing needs improvement.
The book is light read for romance fans.
My score 4/5

Disclaimer I thank the author  for having sent me the book free in exchange of my honest and unbiased review.  

PTE is the best


My English professor uses to tell freshers  the following story .
Once he went to London on tour along with his family members. In one afternoon they assembled in the thoroughfare to witness a major event wherein people with variety of masks go in a procession. Suddenly he noticed a small boy who was lifted by his father on his shoulder was talking in English. Noticing this our professor shouted at his family members how sweetly and fluently the child was talking  in English.
Others brought him to his senses as it is very easy to talk in mother tongue.

After telling this story he says to his students everyone should try to talk in English like the boy in London.

English language is complicated, just due to lack of understanding of  grammar fully. I studied English as second language first one being my mother tongue Tamizh. Still my graduation I had not got any clue about spoken English.Poems we used to memorize and prose also we mugged up.

Once as a my first job I went to Bangalore and had to work in a marketing company . There I had to interact with colleagues and customers only in English. That is where I have learned to speak English.  

Then I was fortunate enough to work with people who want to help me speak good English.There were Anglo Indian youths who talked  with me in English only. They corrected me many times and I felt confident in the course of time.

I made grammar mistakes and they taught me a lot so that I improved myself to a great extent .

I used to say  ,”I have hid it” instead of “I have hidden it “ Like this there were other minor mistakes which I began to correct myself.

A second important aspect is pronunciation. Our lexical base would be strengthened without knowing the pronunciation. This is a bad situation as when we talk if we don’t pronounce words in the way they are to be pronounced we would make fun of ourselves and we would be ridiculed.  

Any one who wants to pursue foriegn studies has to master English and it requires a lot of pracrice and efforts on the part of the aspirants. This is where PTE comes in to the picture. With lot of research and studies the programme is prepared to suit the students as well as their purses. 

This PTE test would not only help you to overcome your fears about English language but also make you confident to face the challenges when you go abraod. With the meticulous care  the test is prepared to assist the students in tackling the language in a grand manner and students would definitley benefit out of this test. 

With lot of model questions and test materials the academy  gives you all the hope to get through your anxiety about the language. With the hardwork put in  by the faculty members the test is prepared to  guide you in passing the test with flying colors . The academy is giving assitance to all the aspirants in a nice way . 

PTE English language test  paves a way for your success in the abroad.

To master English so that those students who want to pursue foreign studies have to take gudiance from a well establsihed academy the name first comes would be PTE academic . 

There are more than 150 centres, you can choose from them if you are serious about going abroad. There are more than 6000 universities which accept PTE scores, so you need not be disappointed if your score is rejected by one university.

Challenges faced in foreign country

Culture barrrier

English fluency

lack of knowledge of local laws.

Difficult in adjsusting to the differnt social atmosphere

Communication gap

These obstacles discourage you and if you tackle them prdently you can achieve a lot.  



No of pages: 384

Published  by : PIRATES

Published on : May 4th 20117

Genre : YA Fiction Thriller Psycho

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Author’s links : Goodreads Amazon Twitter

A thriller always seizes your attention and hooks you so as to make you read it at one go . It can be insidious or horrible. When it happens to be a story of serial killer the thrill and chill would be doubled.It is a story that involves murder and the thriller gives us all the goosebumps on reading it.The language is good, fast paced and engaging throughout the tale.

The succinct blurb ends with the following fact which indicates the ferocity of the tale 

They soon learn that the devils inside them are no les than the devil outside.

Sumit Pramanik’s THE GIRL BEHIND THE GLASS’ story goes as follows;

Newly married couple, Neeabh and Shakshi come to the Hotel Infinity on their honey moon trip. Rajender  Saini is the Owner-cum-manager-cum -host  and Firoz is his assistant,. Swami the cook-cum-fisherman -cum boatman.Inspector Hiten Kumar visits the hotel to investigate about the  case revolving around an accident and missing of the body involved in the same.He questions all the inmates in the hotel including Mr Chand,  Mrs Anthony Mr.Patnaik and the new couple. Hiten Kumar intensifies his  probe to find   out how the victim of the accident is missing.

In the mean time there is a special team formed to find out the reason for a sudden abduction of females between eighteen and twenty-seven. There is definitely a serial killer on the prowl and the hunt begins. Who is the culprit  and what is his motive and modus operandi? Such questions arise and the book has got the answers .The story happens in the backdrop of   Chennai during the day 1th June 2015. There are twenty one chapters began with a prologue ending with the Epilogue .

I feel Sumit has tried to tell so many stories in this long novel . The characters are realistic and all have their own stories. Some are victims of circumstances and vices.

How the criminal minds plan to acheive their ends, albeit it cost others lives is described nicely.

 Readers would become familiar with many a new word once the book is read fully. 

The climax is unexpected and unpredictable There is a cusp   knot at the end, which would shock the readers.

This psychological drama has given me the feeling of also seeing a horror movie.

The dialogues are good and mention should be made about the long narrative prose which would serve as a page turner I have taken so much time to read this cliffhanger .As I use to read thrillers at a stretch I am hooked to the unfortunate and unexpected events I give a break and read it fully.

The cover and title fit the genre to which it belongs.The book has got great messages. Everyone  is wearing a  social mask and what goes in thier minds they alone know  it.We should not take for granted when we deal with strangers.

I recommend this book to all fans of thriller . Pamper yourself with a treat of horror, suspense and mystery .

My score  3/5

Disclaimer I am a Goodreads giveaway winner of this book  and this is my honest and unbiased review.

Author Sumit Pramanik

Sumit Pramanik

Taken from Goodreads

Author can be contacted at