Good food Vs Good mood

Food gives energy and strength

It is needed as our breath

Fast food  touches our taste buds

Not agreeable to  all ladies and  dudes

Healthy diet assures life on this Earth




Otp is the order of the day

To anyone you  never say

This numerical mantra

Which is digital tantra

Assures  the effect of a sure  pay.





People go to the foreign countries  on various grounds the primary  ones being the pursuit of higher studies and in search of a job.It would be the dream of many youngsters , They  can get an internship, scholarship and good education If we want to explore the world and realize our full potential we have to put all the efforts to pass through a good English test and it is nothing but PTE that would pave way for your progress and success in your career and life.

It would help you with not only for sight seeing but also to soak  our time full of fun and wonder.

Since English is a unique language acting like a bridge connecting the continents and spoken by the people in the nook and corner of the world  ,It is better we ace the PTE test so that we may find it easy to get the visa,finish all the formalities and our stay would be seamless and a pleasant one. To master English we have to undertake  the following guidelines.

1.Read a lot.

We have to read classic written by acclaimed authors. You have to study  the works of

Jane Austen

William Shakespeare

Charles Dickens

Sherlock Holmes

George Elliot

And poets like

William Wordsworth

John Keats

Rabindranath Tagore

2 Learn grammar

we have to study Wren  &Martin.

Apart from that one has to study the Editorial pages of dailies which give information as well as an idea about Good English

3 Listen to speeches of great leaders which we can download from the internet.

To master the language the following three elements are significant,

1.Your lexical base.


3.Usage of good English.

The first and the foremost prudent move to prepare ourselves we have to take the PTE test as it works as a wand to our entry and stays in the foreign country a  peaceful and joyful one

Self study is as bad as self medication

When I joined the school my father was very particular I got admission in English medium school. But due to transfer, We settled in a village where there is no English medium school fortunately, I got an English teacher who taught me right from handwriting to good English.Then I realized the importance of studying the language through a master.The self-study may improve your quality of language but to get the benefit your struggle you have to seek the help and guidance of a coach.That is where this PTE program comes into the picture. This program takes you to the higher level and you would feel yourself special among your peers and friends,



Without knowledge of the language, we may not be able to solve even the smallest problem.  My father used to tell to get a prize you have to pay the price. Our efforts would get the result if at all we make necessary effort and our endeavor  decides our prize.. The worthiness of prize depends on the price we are ready to pay in the form of our mental and physical work , the sacrifices we are ready to make  the planning and preparation to the perfect manner.

Be a Roman when you are in Rome

Nowadays going abroad is not a difficult one as well as not an easy one. So many rules are framed due to security reasons.But you have to equip yourself with all the necessary safeguards and take precautionary measures as well as knowledge about the country you visit.

. When we go to another country right from culture to law everything differs and we would depend on others to get the information about reaching a place  and ordering for food in a restaurant.There are so many touts ready to take advantage of our ignorance and misguide us for their benefit.If we happen to fall a victim to such a bogus person we may land up with difficult situations.For example One who is  not so serious about the English language has gone to a foreign country and owing to the lack of knowledge of the language he has met with myriad problems. He has spent his days without social life due to less  confidence .Even though he is well versed in his technical line his communication weakness give him many problems. Ultimately he falls sick without sleep and he has to come  back to his country empty handed. .hence it becomes imperative  to build up knowledge of English so as to avoid hurdles and obstacles we may encounter before we take a journey to a foreign country. Once you learn the language and your communication skill is well established you can survive any storm and manage yourself.

PTE center has got the state of art technology and bolstered by the most committed and qualified faculty members. The academy has got fool proof system and procedure to make the test not only worth but also a stepping stone to make our foreign journey a great success.

The beauty of the test is that we can attempt it through online as such we need not bother about any problem which may arise when we make the manual exam.  As it is not a time-consuming affair we can attempt at our own pace and it is very much reliable as the following universities accept this test and give validity,

This academic center is equipped with all the facility and technology to conduct the prestigious test and this test is acknowledged by a lot of universities.It has produced any number of successful candidates who outshine in their respective fields.They have got an edge over others by virtue of their success in the English test.Survival of the fittest works in any environment and it applies to foreign countries also. Even we find who go to abroad meet troubles as they are unaware of local rules and regulations.Take for example the traffic rules. It may differ and if you are not aware of it you would be in the soup. Elders who go abroad at the request of the wards won’t go out fearing that they may have to interact with the local people for which they are not prepared.The accent and dialect may look so add and peculiar to them they can not fathom what the other person talks. Therefore they lock themselves in the house as though they are house arrested

This programme is a boon to all who aspire for a foreign trip the purpose may differ.It is the stepping stone for a smooth sailing in the foreign country.

PTE Academic takes care of the pre and post test process in such a seamless manner no person would put into any inconvenience and hassle free approach  is its plus point.

Umpteen number of universities spread over the whole world have recognized this PTE program

I give below the names of five universities .

The following international universities recognize  this PTE test.

  1. Australian  National University
  1. British Columbia Institute of technology

3.European school of Management and Technology

  1. Florida Atlantic University (U)
  1. St Petersburg State University the

Worldwide there are Pearson  PTE Academic  test centres  located in more than 50 countries.


Riveting rainbow

Rainbow appears on rainy time

Adoring the sky with aim

To give a great visual treat

Assuring a definite heart beat

Seven colors in equal measure

Give us all the pleasure

Lasting for a small period

Like the mesmerizing mermaid

It is the gift of nature

with a look ever mature

Envisaging loveliness in it’s beuty

To remind us our duty

It is visible to all our eyes

As pristine as the water ice

Giving the message of unconditional love

To be followed by us like a dove

Life is short Love is great

wp-15192227477941143216784.jpgFragrance of flowers won’t we inhale?

Inhale it is Intoxicating our mind

Mind feels inebriated for seconds

Seconds give way for hours and days

Like shadow they vanish in to the air

Air we breathe should be good

Good we plant trees everywhere

Everywhere the greenery is a treat for eyes

Heart  look for tranquility and pleasantness

Pleasantness is a great blessing to all

All  should care to share  with others

Others face ups and downs equally

Rain and sun shine are natural

Natural we see day and night

Night the  moon alters  to growth

Growth and diminition happen   every fortnight




Nature’s nourishment

Nature assures us many a gift

Gift yourself a happy life

Life is nothing but a celebration

Celebration is to be full of joy

Joy and happiness lifts your spirit

Spirit guarantees hope and success

Success awaits those who always plan

Plan so that you don’t meet failure

Failure may hamper your progress

Progress depends on our goals.

Goals are a must for our motivation

Motivation gives a boost to efforts

Efforts and endevours give good result

Result leads to novel ideas and new ideas

Ideas are born from a calm mind

Mind your mood and attitude positive

Books and windows are one and the same


A book can embellish our life with wisdom

Wisdom would mould our mind and heart

Heart wins where the wit gives disappointment

Disappointment is not permanent but temporary

Temporary problems vanish like air bubbles

Bubbles declare life is too short to entertain worries

Worries eat you like a demon and you should not heed

Heed to pleasant sceneries and happy occurances

Ocuurences delight you to next level if you give weightage

Weightage you should give to your blessings and not curses

Curses put you down to the degree of dispair and disappointment

Disappointment you ignore like a stain on your dress that vanishes on cleaning

Cleaning yourself makes you a full man with maturity

Maturity is you accept pain and pleasure in equal manner

Manner is you give respect to all without difference

Difference in our views flaunt our egos in thier nakedness